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UN Achievement bugged
I've done some reading about the United Nations guild achievement -- that's the 55 exalted reputation guild achievement, which gives the Dark Phoenix Hatchling pet -- and it appears to be either bugged or poorly designed.

Currently, it only counts the exalted reputations of the guildmember with the most exalted reputations who is also revered with the guild. So if a second person is also revered with the guild, and has some exalted reps that the previous person doesn't have, these do not count.

I'm bummed about this, as Zlinka is exalted with Thorium Brotherhood and I was hoping that this would count for the achievement once she hit revered with Ironsong... but it doesn't.

As far as I can tell, there is no ETA from Blizzard on when or if this will be fixed.

I'm not sure *whose* reps are being counted right now -- it's someone who is revered with Ironsong and has 46 exalted reputations.
It takes the person with the highest number of exalted reps (and revered). If one perosn happens to have 55 exalteds, then the guild gets the achievement.
This is an insanely stupid idea for a "guild" achievement. "Congratulations, everyone! ONE person in your guild ground out 55 exalted reputations!"

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It is rather annoying. It would have been helpful to poll all the Exalted factions together, and it's also how I thought it worked as well. However, at the moment it seems it's counting mine, as I'm at 46 factions currently. While I do have TB at exalted, I don't have some of the raid ones like Brood of Nozdormu (which I'm fairly certain Damo does), none of the PvP ones (which I'm sure several folks have), etc.

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Sorry if I was unclear: It *is* bugged and is supposed to be a guild-wide thing, but while bugged, it happens to work right now if *one* person has 55 exalted.

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