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I was wonderin if anyone would be interesed in doin a couple runs into UBRS to kill the beast. I would very much like to get the skinning knife off him. the knife is a very rare rope so i was t'inking about making dis an all day event. doin as many runs as it takes with in a 6 or so hour time frame.

so sign up if your interested. t'anks Utsu
Everyone want's finkle's skinner, myself included.

Nonetheless, I'm happy to go with you and attempt to get it.
Been there countless times (more than 50) and still have not gotten the dagger.

There are going to be very many Upper Spire attacks in the coming weeks to help everyone get ready for our fight against Onyxia.

We shall try to schedule them in advance so everone can plan on going.
I am certain that we'll be able to find several of those skinning knives.

Please get your Warlord's Command quest started so you can help us fight her!
Yes, and he also has the Ace of Beasts! Maybe you can get the skinner and pry it out from underneath his hide for me.

Or something.

Dratted thing.
Now I need to go for Drak's blood, which should finish up my Onyxia key.

I'll go anytime you want to go.... let me know.

Arabeth is always up for a UBRS run.
Vote Akora for MA!
(( Edo and I realllllly need to head to UBRS very baddly to finish collecting our dragon eyes for the Onyxia key quest...we have both been putting it off, as the majority of our experiences in UBRS have been........... poor.

Look for us, we'll be home sometime tonight (Thursday 1/5) -poZema ))
I'll be doing LBRS and UBRS often, it would seem. I'm in need of quests completed there (some integral to acquiring a key for Onyxia) and I want that Ace of Beasts as well.

All I ask is I go with someone with a key, or get one made in multiple runnings of LBRS, and go with someone who can skin the beast.

Other than that, I proffer my services.

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