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Tyrant Velhari nutshell guide
This is a three-phase fight, with a different add in each phase.

Velhari does three abilities throughout the fight:
Edict of Condemnation:  split damage shrinking radius attack:  you’ll see a purple circle that gets smaller each time.  In Phase One, if you get this, run into melee.  In Phases 2 and 3, you’ll be stacked so you don’t need to worry about it.
Touch of Harm:  Healing-absorption shield.  Healers should heal it until it disappears.  You can dispel it if the player is about to die, but if dispelled, it jumps to another player.
Seal of Decay:  Healing debuff on the tank.  Tanks swap when it gets too high.

During each phase Velhari will summon an add and will apply an aura to the raid which grows in strength as the phase wears on.

In Phase One, the boss should be tanked where she stands at the far end of the room, with the tanks on one side the the melee on the other.  The healers and melee should stand lightly spread out in the room.  Phase One’s aura is the Aura of Oppression, which does damage ANY TIME YOU MOVE.  The add is the Ancient Enforcer.  Tank him on top of the boss, facing away from the raid.  He launches an orb which goes to the wall and back.  Avoid this.  She does a frontal cone — the targeted person should stand still, and everyone else move slightly to get out of it.  If we’re spread out it shouldn’t hit too many people.  If hit, move out.  Taking any fire damage during this phase causes fiery void zones to spawn beneath you.  These explode and do a knockback.  Get out of these, moving as little as possible.  After three of the cone attacks, she’ll do an Infernal Tempest, which causes the whole raid to burst into fire and causes 4 void zones to spawn, one per second, under each raid member.  Move out of each one, just past the edge to minimize movement.  Note: if you can get the timing just right, you can let two void zones spawn, then move out, then let two more spawn and move back.  This minimizes your movement.

At 70% Phase Two starts.  The boss can stay where she is, but the healers and ranged should collapse onto melee. Velhari will switch auras to Aura of Contempt.  This places an increasingly restricted amount that players can be healed up to.  She will cast Font of Corruption (her 3-point ability) which curses a number of players.  These players should stack together on the other side of the boss, away from the tanks.  Tanks will be struck with Tainted Shadows, which does damage within 5 yards.   Players with Font of Corruption will be struck with it too, but their splash damage doesn’t affect each other, which is why we have them stack apart from the rest.  Healers should use cooldowns for each Edict of Condemnation (the shrinking radius attack).  The add in this phase will attempt to HEAL the boss.  This add must be interrupted.  I've seen two strategies for this phase:
* Strategy 1:  kill the add as quickly as possible, then Velhari.
* Strategy 2:  Keep the add interrupted while nuking Velhari (and blowing cooldowns) to get her to 40%, which is when this phase ends, then kill the add (we’ll get help from the phase 3 aura).

At 40% Phase Three starts.  In this phase everyone stacks on the tanks.  The boss will drop void zones under the tanks + a random number of players ("Bulwark of the Tyrant" attack).  We want to drop these on top of each other to save space.  Every time she drops a pool of void zones, move as a group around the room.  Keep the movements small so we don’t run out of room.  After three void-zone attacks she'll do "Gavel of the Tyrant" which does fire damage, a fire DoT, and a knockback to everyone.  At 30% she’ll spawn an add that places a shield on her.  Kill the add fast and finish her off, moving as a group around the room, regrouping quickly after knockbacks.  If we haven’t used bloodlust already, we’ll use it in Phase 3.
Here's the Line of Sight 2-minute guide.  Please take a look!

And here's a great visual guide to Velhari:

[Image: j5CE4FA.jpg]

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