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Twin Ogron Nutshell Guide
In this fight we fight two bosses, Pol and Phemos, at the same time. They will use different abilities depending on how much Energy they have. This fight has an 8-minute hard enrage timer.


This is a single-phase right in which we fight two bosses with a shared health pool, and no adds. The encounter revolves around the Energy resource of the bosses, which they gain slowly over time, independent of our actions. At 33, 66, and 100 Energy each of the two bosses uses a specific ability against the raid. Pol gains Energy slightly faster than Phemos, so the timing of the abilities will be mostly offset.

The farther away from one another the bosses are, the more haste they will gain, which reduces their casting time, AND the faster they will gain Energy, making the fight more difficult. On the other hand, keeping the bosses close together makes it more difficult to avoid some of their abilities.

Note: for the first 10 seconds of the fight, both bosses have a “Warming Up” debuff during which they will not cast any abilities or gain Energy. This fives us time to set up our positions.


* Regular ability: Shield Bash against the tank. Damage + spell interrupt.

* 33 Energy ability: Shield Charge. Charges a random distant raid member, damaging + knocking back all players in his path. Damage done increases with the distance he travels. When he reaches his target, he deals damage to all players in a 10-yard radius, knocks them back, and applies an 18-second bleed effect called Injured.

* 66 Energy ability: Interrupting Shout. deals raid-wide physical damage + interrupts and spell-locks casting for 6 seconds.

* 100 energy ability: Pulverize. Causes rocks to fall from the ceiling in three quick waves:
—> First wave: rocks fall at the location of raid members and deal damage in a 3-yard radius.
—> Second wave: rocks fall at random locations and deal damage in an 8-yard radius.
—> Third wave: one large rock falls at a random location, dealing raid-wide damage, which is higher the closer players are to the impact area.


* Regular ability: Double Slash: anti-tank physical attack.

* 33 Energy ability: Whirlwind. Spins in place for 9 seconds, dealing damage to everyone around him every 0.5 seconds. Players damaged by Whirlwind are affected by Weakened Defenses, which is a stacking debut that increases damage taken by Shield Bash (Poll’s regular anti-tank ability) by 10% per stack.

* 66 Energy ability: Enfeebling Roar: Debuffs all players within 20 yards, causing them to take 300% increased damage for 300 seconds, split between all players. This means that if there are 10 players within 20 yards, each will take 30% extra damage for 30 seconds.

* 100 Energy ability: Quake: He throws weapons at two random locations on the ground and deals raid-wide Nature damage. After this, each of the two weapons begins to spawn lines of fire which move along the floor. These are fiery waves that move along the floor in almost random directions. Anyone who is touched by these receives a stacking Fire DoT called Blaze which lasts for 12 seconds.


Overview: keep Pol and Phemos together for most of the fight, only separating them at key times to deal with some of the abilities.

* Tanks: Each tank will pick up one of the two bosses. Can tank them in the middle of the room, which gives the raid a lot of room to move around. There is no need for a tank swap on this fight. Keep the bosses stacked together unless there is a specific call to spread them apart:
—> Move Pol away when Phemos casts Whirlwind. Melee will go with Pol and continue DPSing him.
—> Move Pol away in preparation for Pol’s Shield Charge. Raid stays with Phemos. This will give the raid enough time to get out of Pol's way when he charges.

* DPS: Cleave the bosses if this is a DPS increase.

* Casters: Do not cast or channel spells when Pol casts Interrupting Shout, because if you are casting during the shout you will be silenced for 6 seconds.

* Enfeebling Roar: Get within 20 yards of Phemos for Enfeebling Roar so we share / reduce the debuff. Can pile on him. This ability does not coincide with Whirlwind or Quake so piling is no problem.

* During Pulverize (rocks falling from the ceiling), minimize damage taken.
—> Wave 1: spread 3 yards apart. The rocks fall too fast to be avoided, so just spread apart to avoid getting a double hit. Healers should expect moderate damage in this wave, with spikes of damage on players who didn’t move 3 yards apart.
—> Wave 2: avoid areas where rocks will fall. Damage can be avoided.
—> Wave 3: get far away from where the large rock will fall. 10 yards is enough to avoid the damage.

* During Quake, avoid the fires. Best way to do this is to get CLOSE to the weapons to take advantage of gaps in the fires near the weapons.

* Use Bloodlust at the start.


* Tank the two bosses together for most of the fight. Move Pol away during Whirlwind (raid follows Pol), and Shield Charge (raid stays on Phemos and gets out of the way of Pol’s charge).

* Don’t be casting any spells when Interrupting Shout is cast.
* Heal the raid during the Pulverize rock falls.
* Watch out for high tank damage during Phemos’ Whirlwind.
* Heal raid members who take unnecessary damage from Quake and Shield Charge
* Raid-wide damage during Quake

* DPS the bosses, cleaving them when they’re close together if this is a DPS increase.
* Don’t be casting any spells when Interrupting Shout is cast

* Stack on Phemos when he casts Enfeebling Roar
* Get away from Phemos’ Whirlwind
* Avoid falling rocks during Pulverize
* Avoid fires from Quake
* Avoid Pol’s Shield Charge

Note: the most common cause of deaths is probably from Quake (the fire lines). So pay extra attention to getting out of those lines of fire.

Note: it may be possible to bait Pol's Shield Charge, as he may target the furthest member. We could potentially put a member with a damage mitigation cooldown far away to bait Pol.


Remember that Pol's energy is slightly faster than Phemos' energy, so Pol's abilities will happen first.

* 33 energy
Pol: Shield Charge. Drag Pol out of raid. Raid gets out of Pol's path.
Phemos: Whirlwind. Drag Pol out (or keep him out), raid goes to Poll.

* 66 energy
Pol: Interrupting Shout. Stop casting.
Phemos: Enfeebling Roar. Stack on Phemos.

* 100 energy
Pol: Pulverize. Avoid rocks.
Phemos: Quake: Avoid fire.
Avoiding Fire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5gYvlmNyZc

It turns out the Twin Ogrons fire is always the exact same. It'll seem chaotic (especially for anyone that hasn't seen it before), but there's some a simple way to dodge through a single gap in the fire and be safe for the rest of each fire phase. If you find yourself having trouble with fire dodging while maintaining whatever else you're supposed to be doing, take a look at this video -- don't even need sound on (I also didn't have sound on, so I have no idea what it sounds like or what music they might be playing or anything), and even just watching the opening few graphics should help.
Thanks for the video, Tempest.

I've watched it carefully. Here's what I see:

1) The two weapons spawn on the circle that's drawn on the floor. They always spawn on opposite sides of the circle from each other.

2) Fire radiates out of them in three lines, like a crow's foot. One line goes through the center of the circle, and the other two lines go left and right, tangent to the circle on the floor. Each of these lines has gaps in it.

3) Each of the two "crow's feet" rotates counterclockwise around their weapon.

4) The safest section to stand in appears to be (a) outside the circle on the floor, AND (b) to the left of each weapon (if you imagine yourself standing on the weapon with your back to the center of the circle, the safe spot will be to your left, outside the circle on the floor.) In this position, you'll have only one gap to run through. Once you're in the safe spot it is best to run clockwise, towards an approaching gap.
When I have done this fight with others, I have always been able to jump straight up and avoid the fire. Maybe that is harder to do.

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