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Twas the Feast of Great Winter PART 2 (Poem by Dispaya)
Twas the Feast of Great Winter
Part 2

'Twas the Feast of Great-Winter, when all through the Core...
not a creature was stirring, as we came through the door.

Our weapons were hung across our backs with great care...
in hopes that Lord Ragnaros soon would be there!

My tribemates were ready and eating their bread,
...while visions of purple loot danced in their heads.

We were dressed in fire resist armor, from our heads to our shoes...
we were wearing our trinkets, our purples and blues.

I pulled on my mage robe and fitted my crown...
and readied my spells for a chance to "throw-down"

Then what to my undead eyes should I see??
But a great Elemental throwing fire at me!

Then a beautiful Priestess started healing away,
and I knew in a minute it must be Shillatae!

More rapid than raptors her tribemates they came...
and she whistled and shouted and called them by name...

"Now Umu! Now Kretol! Now Krell and Akora!"
"Now Evie, Now Abbru, Dannae and Veramorla!"
"From de edge of de lava...To da cavern's great Wall...
now Slay away! Slay away! Slay away all!"

Then down to the caverns all our raiders they flew...
with a Warrior called Kosath...they took me along too!

With her commands, all our names, great Akora did shout.
Though she couldn't pronounce them...we figured her out!

We talked all the while, as we went straight to work...
cut down all the Bosses, and followed Domo (that jerk!)

Then out of the lava there arose such a splatter!
I looked all about to see what was the matter!

And there in the cavern I saw nothing but red!
Confronted by the sight of Ragnaros' big head!

The lava began shooting all over the floor...
it reflected off our Fire Resist helms, shields and swords

A great hammer he held in his hand like a mace,
and as he started to swing we could barely keep pace!

We battled and battled, til our potions were spent...
if only we could get that wretch to 30 per cent!

And then in an instant he called up his sons...
but the Singers were ready with swords, spells and guns.

Like winds of a hurricane our warriors did fly...
and when they met with a Son, each elemental would die!

But Ragnaros still stood, and he wanted us dead...
as he rose once again from his pool of fiery red!

But the Ironsong Tribe did not fear, and they went back to their mission,
throwing spells, and shooting arrows with skill and precision.

Then at last...Ragnaros fell...and we knew we had won!
As his great hammer dropped ...we were finally done!

Then Shillatae turned and looked at me, down her long pointed nose...
and giving a nod, all the dead soon arose.

We sorted the loot, and sent Shillatae a tell,
... then away we all went through a mage portal spell!

And we heard her exclaim, as we vanished from sight...

"Happy Holidays ta all...And ta all Ironsingers...Goodnight!
...Specially to ya foos and girlies...an all ya Orcs an Trolls an such...an Taurens, and Fasaken too!"
Sing True Ironsong!

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