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Yes, greetings and whatever other salutations you might find appropriate. I am Turinis, and I am Forsaken. Yes I know, awful name for a race. I had nothing to do with chosing it. I suspect “Living challenged” didn't roll off the tongue nicely enough. I don't go in much for honorifics and haven't bothered with acquiring any titles with which to inflate my ego. Yet. All things in due time.

As to what I do, I wiggle my fingers at things. Sometimes they freeze. Sometimes they burst into flames. And sometimes they just explode. In a more technical sense I weave the fabric of existance into waves and bolts of directed energy and form sometimes culminating in the manfestation or transmodification... you know what, let's just leave it at I'm a mage and I make things go boom. Most folks seem to like the boom part.
I was of course not always this way, but what I was before I became what I am is hardly relevant don't you think? I had a different name and did different, less interesting things. Far less boom for those of you still fixated on that aspect of things. Since my awakening into this existance I have strived to pursue the magical arts. That is all that really matters.

Those travels and studies have afforded me with precious little time for developing trivial and mundane professions. I suspect one day I'll look back and decide that perhaps it would be worth my while to learn something. But not today.

Travelling alone without any guild, clan or tride has not afforded me the luxuries of time to develop such side skills. It isn't that I don't enjoy the company of others, but there really is only so much “Blargh I am a dark master of death and destruction who skirts the moral edges of society reaping my profits and secretly crying about how misunderstood I am.” Not that anyone has said those specific words but I trust the point is made. ((OOC: Alliance side I had a few characters in ALA for a bit and still maintain several in a guild on the Hellscream server))

To that end, your little troupe seems to be ever so slightly blarghish. Or at least so the rumors go. I can and intend to evaluate that aspect myself if given such an opportunity. To date I am not so certain I have actually crossed paths with any of yours so I am largely going off of the word on the road.
Now, why would I bother with seaking out others at all? Because what I have done and what I would like to do are relatively different things in terms of scope and I suspect doing such en masse would be more rewarding than wandering about muddled and alone. I mean, as it stands some might say my greatest accomplishment so far has been being alive, then dying, then being somewhat less dead. Hardly something to brag about, yes?

But what I to do, what I hope to do, is somewhat grander and I suspect a respectable amount of aid would prove beneficial. You see as stated, I am like all Forsaken, somewhat living impaired. I wish to remedy that. I find the concept that in a world where the fellow right next to me can be pulverized into a thin red paste and then miraculously reconstituted none the worse for the wear by some sermon chanting priest and yet the taint of undeath cannot by washed from my form, unnacceptable. There must be a way to purify my body and return to the life of the trully living. The Royal Apothacary seems more intent on perfecting the plague than actually developing a cure, so I am about my own business on the matter. So far I can safely say that the various arrangements of healing salts and crystals, herbal skin balms, potions, meditation to release my inner human and regular baths in the waters of Moonglade have not produced adequate results. Though some of the herbals did smell nice. One did result in a rather nasty rash though. Anyway, moving on.

And don't get me wrong, my condition does afford certain boons. For example, when out and about in my adventures I rather enjoy the knowledge that despite the fact that there is some sort of beast firmly latched onto my leg and some Ogre is about to crash down on me with a tree trunk for a club in his massive hamhockish hands, at worst I am only going to end up slightly more dead. It is an oddly comforting thought.

Anyway I have read your rules and they appear acceptable enough, so I'll agree to them for all intents and purposes. I suppose I should go sign something. People are always wanting signatures it seems when it comes to this sort of thing.

Until we cross paths, be well. And do try to be well after we cross paths. The path crossing experience really shouldn't have any direct effect on the level of well in your existance.
"Dis heah be one crazy mage...I like 'im! He be fittin' right in wit' de res' o' de Tribe!"

- Anamdubh
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