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Tsulong nutshell guide
Hi all,

Here are the basics of the Tsulong fight. We made good progress on this fight last week, so this is just a refresher, based on Icy Veins.

Tsulong is a two phase fight, in which a Night Phase and a Day Phase alternate throughout the encounter on a fixed timer -- every two minutes. During the Night Phase Tsulong is hostile and we must DPS him, while during the Day Phase he is friendly and we must heal him. The encounter is over if we either kill him during a Night Phase or heal him to full during a Day Phase. His health is reversed each phase, so if we DPS him down to 80% during the first Night Phase he'll start at 20% health in the subsequent Day Phase.

Tsulong will enrage a few seconds after the end of the second Day Phase, so at 8 minutes into the fight.


This phase will last 2 minutes.


* Shadow Breath: Frontal Cone breath attack that deals a LOT of Shadow damage and applies a stacking debuff which increases Shadow damage taken by 100% for 30 seconds per stack.
* Dread Shadows: Stacking debuff that Tsulong applies to all raid members every 2 seconds. Each application deals Shadow damage and increases damage taken by Dread Shadows. To counter-act this, Tsulong will regularly create a Sunbeam which will remove the Dread Shadows debuff from any player that moves into it. Each second a player stands in the Sunbeam, its radius becomes smaller, until it disappears.
* Nightmares: Spell cast at the location of a random player. Deals a lot of Shadow Damage to all players within 8 yards of the impact point, and fears them for 3 seconds. This fear can be dispelled. It does not target melee players.


--> Tsulong will be tanked facing away from the raid. Tanks will switch for every one of Tsulong's Shadow Breaths. Make sure that the tank NOT currently tanking Tsulong isn't in front of him. Tanks not tanking Tsulong should reset their debuff.
--> Ranged and Healers must stand 8 yards apart to minimize effect of Nightmares. Stand in a semi-circle around the boss.
--> Everyone can avoid Nightmares by moving away from the ground animation, which precedes the damaging effect by 3 seconds.
--> Dispel players affected by the fears immediately
--> Reset Dread Shadows by stepping briefly in a sunbeam then stepping out, which will make the sunbeam last longer.
--> Don't be alarmed if Tsulong suddenly pivots -- he is casting Nightmares, not his Shadow Breath attack, and he will quickly pivot back to the tank.
--> If Tsulong places a sunbeam in front of himself, the tank must turn Tsulong so that he doesn't breathe on the people trying to reach the sunbeam.


This phase needs only one tank. We will have Sevdrith tank during this phase and Shantow DPS.


* Sun Breath: beneficial frontal cone breath attack. Deals a lot of damage to adds, and buffs raid members with Bathed in Light, which instantly restores 25% mana and increases healing done by 500% for 6 seconds.


* Embodied Terrors: large adds. They place a dispellable debuff called Terrorize on random raid members AND on Tsulong himself. When cast on players, it damages the player for 20% of their current health every second for 10 seconds. When cast on Tsulong, it damages him for 2% of his total health every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.

* Fright Spawns: Small adds created when an Embodied Terror is killed. They cast Fright in a cone in front of them, doing a lot of damage and fearing all affected players.

* Unstable Shas: Adds that spawn around the room and move toward Tsulong. If they reach him, they do a lot of damage to him through Instability, then vanish. While they move toward Tsulong, they cast Unstable Bolt at a random raid member, dealing a lot of damage but ALSO losing 15% of their health in the process.

These adds don't despawn when the Night Phase starts again. Unstable Shas that reach the boss during the Night Phase will heal him instead of damage him.


--> Healers should always stand in front of Tsulong to benefit fro Bathed in Light. Tsulong may turn around, so healers should be quick and move with him.
--> Heal Tsulong
--> Tank Embodied Terrors and Fright Spawns in front of Tsulong so that he damages them with his breath.
--> Face the Fright Spawns away from the raid
--> Be prepared to heal damage to raid members from the adds, damage to the tank from the Fright Spawns, and damage from Terrorize and Unstable Bolt.
--> Healers must dispel Terrorize from Tsulong, from raid members, and the fear effect caused by Fright.

Dealing with the Adds

The tanks' and DPS players ONLY concern during this phase is killing the adds. The tank should pick up Embodied Terrors and move them in front of Tsulong. Kill it, ideally with a few seconds to spare before Tsulong uses his breath attack, as the breath will kill the Fright Spawns. This is a priority.

Unstable Sha adds are the top kill priority -- they must be killed before the reach Tsulong. They can be stunned, slowed, and knocked back.

We will use Bloodlust during a Night Phase.

Challenges of the Night Phase: Resetting Dread Shadows with proper usage of Sunbeams.

Challenges of the Day Phase: healers must learn to stand in Tsulong's breath. Fright spawns must be killed efficiently using Tsulong's breath.

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