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Trouble makin' corpses...
(Yeah, the whole undead hunter thing is gonna wear itself out soon, wait 'till part.2, Flagg, my alt's story.)


Konfucius finished off his last troll at Jintha'alor when he heared a scream in the distance. It was a forsaken, he knew that, tracking the undead he rushed to help him. The grass whimpered before his mail boots, rush running cheerily on beside him wondering what they were to kill next. Before the next thought entered his head he jumped over a trap, crude but a trap never the less. Did he just-- Konfucius began but before the thought could finish a huge tree trunk came screaming from the sky, Konfucius rolled left and caught a glimpse of the trouble maker. He's nothin' but a kid! part of him screamed, An annoying one at that, another part said with finiality. A sigh of frustration came from the tree as he watched the skinny corpse lets himself down to the dusty ground.

"Now how'd 'ya do that?" the boy inquired.

"Simple, 'ye weren't fast enough." He never dropped his eyes from the boys rotting face.

"If I wasn't fast enough, take a look over at 'yer cat" a sick grin spread over the kids face.

Konfucius lashed up at the kid, slapped his face hard, his metal gloves clacking against the kids bone. As the kid fell Konfucius walked over to rush, moved the tree trunk from Rush's leg and began healing it.

Rubbing his cheek, "It's not his hind legs, fool, he survived the tree, its the front ones that're broke, he moved 'um the wrong way."

In near disbelief Konfucius stared at him, then said in a choked whisper, "How'd you know that?"

The kid smiled again, it was enough to make Konfucius want to hit the kid again, "Easy, fluffy over there told me."

Of course he did, he told me as well, just as the kid began to spea--He knows! But forsaken can't be hunters...This is strange, perhaps I'll take a look into this. Not to mention he nearly got me with that second trap. Konfucius, standing up, brushing the dust from his tabard said, "You've interested me kid. All the trap makin' and animal talkin' you can do ,you'd make a good hunter, but tell me, where'd 'ya learn all this?"

Eyeing him suspiciously, "I watched the dwarves, whats it to 'ya?"

"I told 'ya, son, you interest me, now what're you doin' over here, you be way too young to be wanderin' these hills."

"I was chased out by them dwarves, I've been runnin' from them ever since, I learned alot, I used the animals to get 'um off of me but that only works so long consideirn' they've got guns and axes and all I've got is some twigs..."

Mounting his black wolf, Konfucius made his decidsion, "Come along, kid, I can teach 'ya a few things those 'lil bearded fellows can't, but before we leave, what be 'yer name?"

"Er..I ain't got one that I know of," the boy said climbing onto the black wolf.

"Well 'yer one of the wierdest 'lil dead kids I've met thus far, next to a certain' rogue that is.."

With that, he set off towords Revantusk Village with high hopes, not knowing the darkness growing within' Flaggs body, for it wasn't the dwarves he learned to speak to the spirits , it was an old, exiled warlock in which he learned his powers, and the boy with no name planned on exploiting them to the fullest.

(to be continued...)
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As the boy with no name rode the back of Konfucius’s wolf, he remembered how he began, and how these terribly wonderful powers came to him.

He awoke and ran aimlessly through the forests of the Eastern Kingdoms, not knowing what or even where he was going, yet constantly creatures spread a path for him, it was as if some higher force or purpose needed him to move this way. He wasn’t moving his feet, or he didn’t seems as if he was, it was as if he were being guided, no pushed, to some dark tunnel where unimaginable creatures lurked just beneath the area of perception.

He walked for days on end until he came upon a rather dark cave. The very stone was blackened with hate, the very air tainted with dark energy, the boy relished in it. He stood for hours caressing the stones, breathing the air, until a voice, only personified by dark crimson eyes staring out at him, said ever so faintly, “Wonderful, isn’t it?â€Â
[Image: legendm.jpg]
[Image: NMrob.jpg]
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