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Troube logging off of WoW
I have a weird situation going on, and I was wondering if anyone else had experienced something similar. When I try to click "Exit Game" in WoW, nothing happens. I figure there is either a problem on my end, or this is Blizzard's nefarious way of making me play even more, therefore requireing me to extend my memberthip indefinately.

Has anyone else ever come across something like this?

Are you stuck in combat by any chance?
That sometimes happens to me if the lag is really bad. You won't actually exit game until the client receives a response from the server.
I've not logged out in combat, and lag doesn't appear to be an issue as I can do other things...could it have something to do with out of date add ons? The only out of date ones I use are WIM...i keep getting error messagse about ACE, but I don't even have that enabled!
It's possible something has tainted the main menu itself, but highly unlikely if you're using up-to-date addons. I used an out of date WIM for a while there and had no such issue.

From browsing around the support forums it doesn't seem to be a common issue- you might just be stuck with Alt+F4 for a while.

Though, if you really want to test the addon issue- just move your interface folder outside of your WoW folder and see if it still happens. Is this issue happening consistently?

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