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Tronto, Troll Hunter, Level 60
Hellow der my name is Tronto a Stone Guarde of the Horde.

I am a Hunter from Durotar and i love the thrill of hunting but i also like having a pet beside me.

I was born and raised in Durotar, when i was a little older i saw my dad hunting and i decidedto be a hunter just like my dad. One day my dad was assigend a quest to kill a Lion in Winterspring but he had failed to do so. So when i finally became older and stronger i set out to kill the Lion that killed my father, but when i met the lion it was injured so i didnt kill but i made friends with it and it became my loyal pet. After that me and my new pet Winterblaze we were a great team conquering and enemys that stand against us, i hunt for the thrill of hunting and to honor my fallen hero my dad who was one of the greatest hunter tha ever lived. Now my new quest is to be the best hunter that i can be just like my dad.

I am Journeyman in Engineering and in Mining also a artisan in First Aid but i dont usualy use engineering and mining mostly first aid.

I was recently with the Guild Few, i was also in Legions of Doom and Dread Lords of Pain but dreadlords was seperated a long time ago.

Well what drew me to the Ironsong Tribe was a memebr of your guild and his name is Gorleck, i was in Felwood one day exploring until i meet him he was so helpful to me like he accepted me as brother he was very nice and helpeful too me. Since then we have been good friends and i have heard many good tales about your tribe and i would llove to be apart of it.

The most difficult time was when i had killed my first animal i felt so bad that i killed it, i felt inside that i wanted to do it agian but i also realized that animal will never come back to life.My father taught me that its ok to kill if you have a good reason to do so. You live and you die it is mother nature law and i heard mother nature clearly like i was apart of her and i was, because i am also nature.I am nature and it is natural to kill because it is in us, its in all of us and we all have urges so even though i killed the animal i had a good reason and i respect and honor the animals that i have killed in the past.

My greatest Goal is to be the best hunter for the hord, Thrall has given my family a home in Durotar and i will protect him with my life because he has given my family home where they can feel safe that they know they are protected by good people, and i thank the horde for that.

The most is the exploration, there are so many places that i havent yet explored and i cant wait to get out and to see the world for its beauty.

Yes i have and the rules are fair and i will repect it at all times.
Please attend our Moot, Thursday 6pm, at the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar.
Vote Akora for MA!

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