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Trilliax Nutshell Guide
Trilliax is the third fight in the Nightwell.  He's a demented caretaker construct.  It's a three-phase, single-target encounter with lots of movement that requires a lot of situational awareness.  He'll cycle through all three phases in a time-based fashion so we may have to deal with each phase multiple times.  The three phases are the Cleaner Phase, The Maniac Phase, and the Caretaker Phase.  


Arcane Seepage void zones form on the floor under random players (DPS and healers).  A purple circle will appear briefly before the void zone spawns, get out of it.

Phase 1:  The Cleaner.  Lasts 45 seconds

Arcane Slash: anti-tank attack.  Deals heavy frontal damage that is split between two targets.  Applies a stacking debuff to the main target that increases damage taken which lasts 30 seconds.--> Tanks swap 

Toxic Slice:  Spawns toxic CAKES around the perimeter of the room twice during this phase (every 30 seconds).  They exolode as they land so stay away from the impact point (purple swirl).  Players that touch them ("eat" them) get a debuff, and they can get more stacks if they touch more cakes.  These cakes persist indefinitely unless eaten.  IF Trillax reaches the Caretaker Phase OR the next cycle of the Cleaner phase with Toxic Slices still remaining, he will perform abilities that usually will wipe the raid.  

Sterilize:  Occurs the second time the Cleaner Phase occurs and any additional Cleaner Phases after that.  He'll debuff several players, which does a 40 second AoE to anyone within 7 yards.  If the damaging pulse makes contact with a Scrubber, it will drain some of their energy, increase their movement speed, and do moderate damage.  This is a good thing -- we want to buff the Scrubbers if we can.

Cleansing Rage: Occurs in the second Cleaner Phase and any additional Cleaner Phases after that.  He'll destroy any remaining Toxic Slices and deal heavy raid-wide damage based on the number of remaining slices.  This is the raid wipe mechanic if we leave slices up.

Phase 2: The Maniac Phase.  Lasts 40 seconds.

Mana Rupture:  Damages half the raid.

Arcing Bonds:  Links 2 players together, stack on top of each other to stop the damage.  The link lasts 30 seconds.

Annihilation:  Cast halfway through the phase.  Trilliax will jump to the center of the room and will channel a purple laser beam that comes out of his front and back which lasts 16 seconds.  He'll randomly spin in one direction, and can change direction during the cast.  Anyone caught in the beams will take very high damage.  When the channel ends he'll go to the next phase.

He'll also cast the anti-tank ability, Arcane Slash, more quickly during this phase -- tanks, watch for swaps.

Phase 3:  The Caretaker.  Lasts 13 seconds.

Succulent Feasts:  Spawned at the beginning of the phase throughout the arena.  Players that eat the feasts get a hefty damage-absorbtion shield that lasts two minutes or until fully depleted.

Tidy Up:  Summons 5 Scrubbers to cleanse the room of the Arcane Seepage void zones and the Toxic Slices.  If slices are still up they'll go for those first and will BLOW UP so we want to soak those so the Scrubbers focus on the void zones.  Each pool they scrub grants them 20 energy, and if they reach 100 energy they will begin to cast:

Cleansing Destruction:   If this cast concludes the raid will take moderate damage.  Players can interact with the Scrubber during the cast to prevent it, which causes the soaker to be the only one to take the damage.


The Cleaner:  The tank should immediately drag Trilliax to an edge of the arena.  Use Bloodlust on pull.  Raid stay loosely grouped on the same edge of the room, and behind the boss.  This will ensure that the Arcane Seepage void zones stay at the edges of the room.  As the edges fill up, tanks should drag the boss around the edge in a circle.  Keep the middle of the room clear of void zones for the Maniac Phase.

When Trilliax casts Toxic Slice, DPS and Healers should soak the cakes.

The tanks should taunt after every second stack of Arcane Slash.  Tanks should NOT help soak the Toxic Slices.

--> Pull Trilliax to the edge, raid groups on the same side. Tanks stack on each other.  Move boss around the edge of the room as edge fills up with void zones.  [i]Tanks swap at 2 stacks of Arcane Slash. DPS and Healers soak the cakes.[/i]

The Maniac:  Players linked with Arcing Bonds should stack together an move together until it expires.  Tanks continue to swap after every 2 stacks of Arcane Slash.

When Trilliax jumps to the center of the room and starts his Annihilation cast, all players should group up on a safe side of the boss and move as the boss turns.  Blow movement cooldowns (Stampeding Roar, Wind Rush Totem etc.)  Note that the boss may CHANGE DIRECTION:  stay perpendicular to the laser so you don't get clipped.

--> Linked players stack on each other.  When boss casts the beam, group together for heals, blow movement cooldowns, stay out of beam.  Beam may change directions: stay perpendicular to the beam.

The Caretaker:  We will assign players to soak the Scrubbers' Cleansing Destruction.  These players should eat the few Succulent Feasts that spawn.  When a Scrubber starts to cast Cleansing Destruction, these players should leap on them and soak the damage using the absorption shield provided by the Feast.  Unshielded players and tanks can also help in an emergency, but will need to use an external or personal defensive cooldown.

Don't damage the Scrubbers as they are actually helpful -- they clean up the Arcane Seepage void zones.

--> Make sure all Toxic Slices are gone before Scrubbers get to them.  Designated players will eat Succulent Feasts and soak Cleansing Destruction casts from the Scrubbers.  Unshielded players can help in a pinch but will need cooldowns.  Don't damage the Scrubbers, they clean up the void zones.

Subsequent phases will have additional mechanics:

Players afflicted with Sterilize (7-yard AoE) should get away from other players and use their debuff to buff the Scrubbers, which allows the Scrubbers to clear the room much faster.  If any Scrubbers begin to cast Cleansing Destruction, it must be soaked.

Before casting Toxic Slice, Trilliax will cast Cleansing Rage to check for any remaining Toxic Slices from previous casts.  All slices must be soaked by this point or the Cleansing Rage will result in deaths or a raid wipe.

--> Players with Sterilize get away from others; can use Sterilize debuff to buff the Scrubbers.  Make sure to soak all slices of Toxic Slice before Cleansing Rage.
Here's the Line of Sight two minute video on Trilliax -- please watch!


It looks like Trilliax has been hotfixed!


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