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Trick or Treat Raid (Friday, Oct 21 at 9:00)
((UPDATE: I'm putting this off for now, as there have been some major changes in my plans for this evening and I cannot commit to organizing this. I'll post more later, but if anyone wants to take over, please feel free))

Greetings Tribe,

On my last trip to Ogrimaar, I stopped by the orphanage as I occasionally do after I've spend some time at the forge. They always bring a smile to my face; children are refreshingly still children despite the race.
Sadly enough, one child with a prolonged illness, but one that will thankfully pass, was quite upset at not being able to participate in the upcoming Halloween festivities.

I feel strangly compelled by Halloween. Perhaps it is nostalgia of my human days, or perhaps it is a strange mocking humor of my now undead state, but that matters little. Although I can do little for the child to speed their recovery, I wish to make things up to them and gather treats, costumes, suprises and the likes for her from all around the world, as well as for myself, and make the most of this time of year.

I would like to then extend an invitation to all of the Tribe to accompany me this (Friday Night, 9:00 pm Eastern) to travel and celebrate with me.

- Neriath
That sounds like an excellent idea! I'll be there with a costume!


I endorse this event, especially for anyone unable to attend the regular Zul'Gurub raid. I'll post it on the Calendar if you haven't.

Just one question: Is that 8 or 9pm and do you meant eastern time which I know you are on or server time which is three hours later?
9 would probably be easier, and by 9pm I mean 9pm Eastern.

Say we meet at the orphanage?

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