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*BURNING CRUSADE UPDATE* (( As of the expansion, Qaza helped me smuggle Dranaei moths from the Exodar... they are really special pets, and we want the tribe to be the first of the Horde to have them! If you want to see what they look like before you ask for one, Lurie will have all three on him for some time, so people can decide! ))

Tuze's Current Bank List

09 - White Moth Egg *NEW*
06 - Yellow Moth Egg *NEW*
07 - Blue Moth Egg *NEW*
30 - Rabbit Crate (Snowshoe)
03 - Snowman Kit
02 - Jingling Bell
02 - Red Helper Box
01 - Green Helper Box

02 - Stylish Black Shirt

01 - Ankh of Life

01 - Design: Opal Necklace of Impact (Requires Jewelcrafting 250)
01 - Plans: Wildthorn Mail (Requires Blacksmithing 270)
01 - Plans: Radiant Belt (Requires Blacksmithing 260)
01 - Plans: Thorium Bracers (Requires Blacksmithing 255)
01 - Pattern: Big Voodoo Cloak (Requires Leatherworking 240)

Pages - Shredder Operating Manual
01 - Page 1

Pages - Green Hills of Stranglethorn
01 - Page 4
01 - Page 10
02 - Page 11
01 - Page 14
01 - Page 16
02 - Page 18
03 - Page 24
03 - Page 25
02 - Page 27

Darkmoon Faire Cards
01 - Two of Beasts

Misc. Items
21 - Preserved Holly
01 - Libram of Focus
01 - Codex: Prayer of Fortitude

[Original Post] (( Since my alt Tuze has never gotten his Ironsong Tribe Bank Alt Guild in order, I think I'll use him as a central point the tribe can use to hold onto items for.

Now, his space is very limited, since his budget for bank bag-slots is non-existent. However, if there is an item you have you won't use but you're sure someone else will, send it to him. I will make a not of who sent it, and store it, occasionally posting a list of the items he has.

Currently, his items consist of Many, Many, MANY rabbits that S'senkra still needs to give away, two Snowman Kits, and one Green Helper Box, which is the first item officially donated to another member. On top of that, he has two Stylish Black Shirts... a shirt only available through an Alliance vendor.

If you want one of the items listed, post here, with the name of the main/alt it is to be sent to. Remember, at the moment, he only has funny little pets.

Now, he is ONLY to be used to hold special items. No materials for any trade... though rare and hard to get recipes are welcome. Also, do not send anything to him that you are not giving to the tribe!

As people post requesting items, I will post in reply saying the item has been sent. Also, I will not ever be using the items myself.

I will try and update the list monthly, and I will check this post as frequently as I can.

Please post any suggestions, or if you find any fault in this idea! I love feedback, and my posts rarely get it. ~laughs~

-Lurie ))

This is a good idea, Lurie, thanks for offering your time and space for it. Does he need any more bags for storage?

*thinks a minute* Ssenkra's rabbit is breeding?
I'm slowly working on bag space, and as I am a tailor, I am currently providing him with the appropriate bags. Only slowly, however, am I working on the gold for his bank bag spaces.
(( Please don't send me gold for that... if I begin to run out of room, I'll post something. Limited space is the reason I'm not storing mats, but that alone should save quite a bit... assuming more people ask for rabbits. ~wink~ ))

However, as Tuze reports far more rabbits than S'senkra reports having aquired, I can only assume they have been getting out of their individual crates and spending time together. I've requested an accurate and current list of how many rabbits and other supplies Tuze has already gathered, and it should be available shortly.

Thank you for the support!
(( The list has been made, and I have quite a few items of interest! Please read the opening post to see the list. ))
Karmen could give a rabbit to Merrina, rp, since Merrina challenged her to see what the Tribe was like.
(( One Rabbit is currently en route to Merrina. 8-) ))

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