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Tribe Application for Eonia Attaboli, Mage
I am Scout Eonia Attaboli, Magus of the Darkspear clan. I’ve also been known as “The Merrymaker”, “The Explorer”, and to some “Eonia Jenkins”. I was almost also known as “The watcher of Dungeon Ceilings” because I have had my share of experience looking up at them from a prone position. ((It took me a while to learn how to not die every pull back in Classic World of Warcraft.)) Typically though, I wander the lands and people know me as just plain Eonia.
I’ve never really been fond of titles, as I sort of feel like people try too hard to live up to them and ultimately end up placing a lid on their achievements. I’m just me. I’m plain spoken and blunt, though I do try not to be too brash and always strive not to be hurtful. Azeroth is far too full of pain, death and sorrow right now for me to add hurtful things to the mix.
I’ve been studying the art of needlework since I was a young girl learning at my mother’s knee, and have made it to the top of my craft. I hate saying that because I believe there is always more to learn, new patterns to find, new techniques to perfect, but so far as the Horde recognizes, I’ve reached the top.
I haven’t been studying enchanting for as long as needlework, but certainly since before we sent troops into Outland, and that too is recognized by the Horde as being ‘top of profession”.
My story is a long one so I’ll try to summarize as much as possible. There has been much sadness, but also I find that life has many great joys. For example, In my youth, I fought many a battle against Alliance raiders in my old stomping grounds, the Crossroads. The battles were bloody and harsh, and we lost many brave men and women, but the victories were great. Many a night did I sit in the Inn Tavern there in Crossroads and listen to the laughter and the tales of battle ring in the air.
I still visit there from time to time, but so much has changed since then. The world was split in two and it seems, so has the spirit of many who dwelt in these lands. I do not weep, for I am a proud Darkspear Mage, but my heart breaks every time I look upon that horrid gash in the beautiful face of our Earthmother. …But it also reminds me to take the time to laugh and have a drink with good friends and tell great stories over the din of a smoky old tavern too. While we’ll all grieve and fight against the horrors that Deathwing’s reemergence has caused, I feel we should all take the time to be thankful for the joys and even the pains, that we have lived.

I stood at the precipice of the great, yawning, ugly gash caused by Deathwing and his rising. “ Can this really be? Am I seeing what my eyes are telling me to see?” I felt a great anguish as I looked at this land. The land where I grew up. Home. What horrible thing had we done to anger the gods in such a manner? Had we been evil? Wanton? Had we lied and not followed through with promises? Would the gods really punish us like this? No. They would not. I couldn’t make myself believe the gods wished a fate of misery and death upon us.
Then again, hadn’t I watched, as a small child? Hadn’t I seen what the gods would allow? Hadn’t they let those Alliance raiders come and burn my village to the ground and rape and kill and pillage my people? Had I not stood weeping over the bodies of my mother and my father and lost my only sister in the battle? Maybe the gods were vengeful and angry and this was our penance for being willful or stubborn. I chuckled bitterly to myself then and thought, “The Horde is nothing if not Stubborn. It’s one of our more endearing traits I think. At least, ‘I’ think it is.”
I shook my head as if trying to remove the terrible memory from my body. Focus on the good things Eonia. Focus on what your life was like after you left the carnage and destruction those evil dregs of Azeroth haddone. The people you met along the way.
I smiled a little as I thought of my friends and associates. The ones from “Nature’s Balance”, “Slaves to the Mistress”, “Oracles of the Storm” and “Minute of Decay”; yes, they had been worth knowing. They had been worth living through all the horrors of this world just to know friendship. True and strong, it can hold us together now.
Those were the things I thought as I picked up my bags and strapped them back into the harness on my Bronze Drake. It had reminded me why I was going to go see the Ironsong Tribe. Back then… yes, the pilgrimage. I remember that. Such feeling and heartfelt love and emotion ran that day as we trekked our way to the tomb. That had been about people and their memories as well. About the valor and sorrows of war, but it had also been about the laughter. Hadn’t it? At any rate, it had been moving and those were the people I was going to see now.
((A long time ago I made a trip with the Ironsong tribe and most of the RP community of the server. I think it was ’06 or ’07. I’ve never forgotten the great RP and emotion that day and would be proud to be a member of such a guild.))

We’ll never be able to forget the battles we’ve fought to get here. For me, I think the most difficult was facing Ignis in Ulduar and knowing that these relics of time past would destroy our world if we let them. We fought long and hard then for what we believed in. The good and the bad, the group consciousness and the single mindedness that lies within each of us…Regardless of why we fought, fight we did, and fight we will until Deathwing is in the ground, this time buried under the ashes of himself and his army.

I seem to have gotten a bit off track there for a minute. What was I saying before my tangent? Ah yes, I’ve a great love for my crafts and strive always to find new patterns and parchments on tailoring and enchanting, and I’m a lover of exploration so I will continue to look for new lands and new things. Maybe I’ll search for the new within the old and dabble in some Archaeology.
I’ve many small goals to accomplish along the way, like my desire to see and befriend all the smallest creatures of the lands. My larger goals include training myself and someday going to battle Deathwing and rid Azeroth of his shadow once and for all. I’ve also made a vow to myself to extinguish as many Twilight’s Hammer cultists as I can before my eventual death. On a more personal note, I will continue to search the lands for any sign of my beloved sister Kwami, lost to me in the attack against my village in my youth.
So in short, I may seem like a rough Darkspear mage, who’s a bit battle hardened, but I’m really an idealist at heart. My greatest joy is exploration and learning about our history and lore. Each and every time I find a new and interesting fact that’s been buried someplace, I feel a little giddy. I’m a pretty light-hearted Troll when all is said and done, but gods help you if you are on the wrong side of my arcane blast.
In closing, I have read and agree to abide by the rules and charter of the Ironsong Tribe. If chosen, it will be my great pleasure to represent your Tribe, and my honor to wear your guild tabard.
((I’ve been playing since November ’05 and am a true addict. I’ve been in several guilds, as you can see, but have left them on good terms and usually just due to the ‘drift-apart’ syndrome that befalls all but the most stalwart of groups. I hear that Oracles of the Storm has since began operating again, and for that I am glad. They are a wonderful group of folks and I wish them the best. I’m sure I’ve left something out, and if you find it, I do apologize for it now. I tend to ramble once I get going. Sorry for that. *grin*))
Greetings Eonia. Please come to the weekly meeting on Thursday, 6pm realm time. Just ask any tribe member where it will be that night and we shall let you know (assuming we know). We look forward to meeting you.

Mula Stronghoof,
of the Ironsong Tribe.
Thank you, I will be honored to attend.

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