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Tribe Application for Blood Guard Cerkilr
Hello there, my name Blood Guard Cerkilr you can call me Cerk for short; however, whatever you choose to call me my attention will be gained. The Ironsong Tribe is one of few great guilds that still pose a presence here on Silver Hand; therefore, I would be honored in joining such, due to the fact that I haven’t any allies here anymore, after taking a break from the game, my return lacks the stronghold of a good group of people to enjoy the adventures soon to prevail.
Many times I’ve tried to venture different ways within Azeroth; however, the power of the arcanists has kept me strong evolving from an Undead to a Blood Elf, I’ve practiced all elements from fire, frost to of course arcane.
My play dates back to the summer of 2006 when I first started venturing into the depths of what World of Warcraft had to offer. Alliance has never stood the chance in my presence; my love fell for the horde and the respectful skill behind the kindness of all that fight for the horde. I’ve faced many horrific battles in my travels within the realm. First challenging General Drakkisath which provided the skill and knowledge to defeat the challenges that await. Lord Ragnaros was next followed by the defeat of Nefarian. This experience gave me the power to then venture into Ahn'Qiraj to defeat finally the god C’Thun. After my adventures through Naxxramas, The world then changed I went into a slumber against my will, I now seek to prevail and explore what all has been missed, now and again I have come fourth against my will with full effort to explore and clear many secrets that Burning Crusaid and The Litch King as brought upon us, I now seek a home to for oath and guidance bringing me to the feet of The Ironsong Tribe.
Cerkilr’s love with flowers has brought him into the profession of Hebraism, and his interests with magic brought alchemy to my main professions. There is so much that has been learned, and there is so much more to learn.
Previous guilds include my original home Stormfist, I was both an active raider and contributing member to the causes of which we sought out. After Stormfist banished I joined some friends as a casual player within the home of Wartorn, I then went into another slumber with altercations from another world, causing me to post in Orgrimmar and wait out the days.
Ironsong Tribe has been around since the beginning, I therefore seek to allies myself with the group I’ve came to respect for holding things together for so long.
My presence has been felt for many great challenges, trials, and defeats. After the world changed and my presence was no longer, coming back into a world so advanced and so different was a challenge for me, new lands to explore, and new dungeons to concur, having next to no support for these efforts left me astray. I prevailed however with hope and dignity, I now find myself at a state that is wiser than one use to be.
My current goals include providing an environment that is fun and challenged! I seek to explore new places, and make new acquaintances. I seek to push myself by providing new short term goals frequently and working for the long term ones, but having a good group of hordies to enjoy the adventures would be my main focus.
Cerkilr has rather enjoyed this process, in which I have read the Code of Conduct and agree respectfully.
Though were on a bit sparsely just now, feel free to talk to an officer, get a good stance on just what is going on with the tribe and to make sure its a good fit for you. Look for myself, or Sbin, Oryx, Zlinka Shantow or Anca as some good starting points.

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