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I just wanted to throw it out there to players that don't know. Once you have completed the "Storyline" quests for each zone, one can buy a Treasure Map from Srikka in Ashran that will reveal ALL treasure locations for each zone on your map. There are Five maps in total and are about 100g each AND they are tradable to your alts...albeit there is a level restriction for each map before you can use it.

I haven't fiddled with it, and am not sure if it removes an icone once you loot it, but its like having an addon...without an addon.
That will save a lot of time using Wowhead to find all the treasures and then pasting coordinates into TomTom to find them!

Thanks for sharing, Eruadan.
HandyNotes with the Treasures add-on is a great way to find these things even before you clear a zone. Kretol turned me on to this, and it's a very helpful add-on.

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They just patched the maps to be BoP...*sad face*

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