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I can now produce higher yields of your favorite alchemical goods (Priiiiimal Might), so if you need something transmuted, send it my way!

EDIT: I'm wicked cranky. I dd my daily transmute today, and it yielded a single Primal Might. It looks like those Consortium blokes are dirty liars. Additionally, due to a large and beneficial order from an individual, it looks like I am going to have to put orders on hold until at least Friday.

Thanks to Oryx and Sound for helping me transmute two of the four Primal Mights I needed to hand in for this quest, and thanks to Mahiah and Efluvious for contributing some of the materials!

All yields listed below can be expected to be at least doubled -these are the standard formulae for a nonspecialized alchemist. Let me know if I can keep the overflow to redistribute to others who may need it. I can only do one a day, so I will not necessarily be snappy when returning your transmuted goods. When you send me something to transmute, if return is not prompt, I will at least try to let you know when you can expect it.

Transmute: Primal Earth to Water (1 Primal Earth --> 1 Primal Water)
Transmute: Primal Fire to Earth
Transmute: Primal Might* (1 each of Primal Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Mana --> 1 Primal Might)

Diamonds! There's only two.
Transmute: Earthstorm Diamond** (3 Deep Peridot, 3 Shadow Draenite, 3 Golden Draenite, 2 Primal Earth, 2 Primal Water --> 1 Earthstorm Diamond)
Transmute: Skyfire Diamond (3 Blood Garnet, 3 Flame Spessarite, 3 Azure Moonstone, 2 Primal Fire, 2 Primal Air --> 1 Skyfire Diamond)

Old World!
Transmute: Arcanite (1 Thorium Bar, 1 Arcane Crystal --> 1 Arcanite Bar)
Transmute: Mithril to Truesilver (1 Mithril Bar --> 1 Truesilver Bar)
Transmute: Iron to Gold (1 Iron Bar --> 1 Gold Bar)
Transmute: Fire to Earth (1 Essence of Fire --> 1 Essence of Earth)

*Primal Mana is most easily obtained from eels and rays northwest of Area 52. Primal elements are most easily farmed on the Elemental Plateau once you have a flying mount. Primal Earth is easiest to just beg miners for.
**If you're content with waiting an extra day for your Earthstorm Diamond, you can send me three Primal Earth instead of 2 earth and 2 water.

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