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Tournament strategies
Hi everyone,

I've seen several discussions in-game about how to do mounted combat for the Argent Tournament. I'd like to collect people's strategies, advice, and tips here.

If you have strategies that work well for you, post them here!

Here's what has been working for me:

I stay in melee at almost all times, keeping my shields at three and thrusting. Whenever the NPC walks away from me (including the very start of the encounter) I take a few steps backwards to get range and then charge him before he has a chance to shield break or charge me. As I circle around to get back into melee range after my charge, I attempt a quick shield break. This shield break is successful about half the time -- the other half I'm too close already or the NPC isn't in front of me. No matter. I close quickly regardless to prevent him from charging or shield breaking me. Then I melee until the NPC walks away again, and repeat the cycle.
I start the encounter behind the NPC. They immediately walk toward the center so I get a shield break on them from the get go. Then, I close to melee range and thrust. Then, I strafe away and shield break again, close to melee, and thrust. Next time, that they back away, I charge, which can do goodly damage as they don't have a shield. Then, I strafe away and shield break as needed. All this time, I keep my shield at 3.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
-3 shields up to start
-charge, wheel, thrust
-continue to thrust until enemy turns to gain distance
-stay put, shieldbreak, then close in and thrust again
-refresh shields as needed
-win. slowly. even if your latency is not so great (getting charges off with poor latency is a crapshoot)

Helpful tip: When there's a million people around, pick large opponents like Draenai and Tauren.
I pretty much do the exact same thing you do, Zlinka.

Only difference is that I charge them as soon as the battle starts and they are far enough away to where I can do so.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Start with 3 shields
Whack away in melee
When they run away, press back (arrows or s keys) and toss a shield break ASAP. You will back out of charge range.
Start running forward and press to charge as soon as you can
As you wheel around, hit shield again (because they probably snuck a shield-break in there somewhere)
Whack at them until they run away again, repeat.

If you screw up and are below two shields after one of these patterns, melee until they run away, and charge AS SOON as possible and then reshield. Once you're back up to three shields, go back to the previous pattern.

Works 75% of the time for me.
Melikar Wrote:I pretty much do the exact same thing you do, Zlinka.

Only difference is that I charge them as soon as the battle starts and they are far enough away to where I can do so.

Oooh, so do I! I edited my original post to make it clear that I start with a charge.

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