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Torine, Shaman
I am Torine of Mulgore. There are those who call me Guardian of Cenarius, in recognition of my tireless efforts in defense and preservation of this natural world; there are those who praise my efforts at the Argent Tournament, in recognition of my service to the cause and of my championing of each of the Horde's factions; there are those still who call me Kingslayer, for my small part in the final defeat of the Lich King himself and the setting right of the natural order.

But these accolades are unimportant, I am a Shaman of the Horde, and of the Tauren, and of the Elements, and of Azeroth and it is for these things that I live. Throughout all my life I have striven to defend and nurture and endure, and in many ways have I accomplished this goal. From an early age I have been in tune with the primal elements of the world, such is the gift of the ancestors and the legacy of my family. Earthmender Kaatorr and Plainsrunner Omeela were my parents, strong spirits and the best possible examples for my brother, Ultor, and me. From them we learned the ways of the world and saw enough of its majesty to ensure that we would forever serve it.
We two were born in the rolling green hills of Mulgore, sheltered and nurtured in its fertile lands. In those hills we were raised, and in that lake we swam, and in those mountains we prowled, and on those plains we roamed; In that place we became part of the earth and the earth, in turn, because a part of us. Our educations were fundamental in the beginning, as was natural. Fishing, hunting, cooking, first aid; survival skills for survivalists. Our parents were accustomed to training others in their ways and so children came as no considerable surprise. Quickly we chose our specialities, or perhaps they chose us; it is difficult to say with these things. Ultor became at home with the herds on the plain, with the stalwart kodo and the ferocious lion; I became at home with the land, with the roaring waters and the strong, silent earth.

Our parents saw the wild in us and were proud; they taught us the skills that had kept them connected to the civilized world in their own formative years and we developed further. I chose to learn at the feet of my mother; I, like she, had cultivated a great love of the growing things in the world and paired this with instruction in the art of the scribe. In this way I connected my elemental affinity with the world of words, and retained by civility. Being connected so intimately to the animal world, Ultor, like our father, bred a deep love of beast care and he learned to maintain and cull wild herds and craft fine goods from their hides.

As is the way of all things, however, this idyllic period could not last. When we came of age to wander the family struck out again, as had our parents alone before us. Seeking to introduce us to the true face of the world we would serve and to those threats we would face our parents took us many places; the lush jungle of Stranglethorn, the barren desert of Silithus, the majestic Alterac Mountains, the tranquility of the Moonglade, all these places and more. And then, to inscribe on our very souls the peril that we would need to surmount, we settled in what had become the Western Plaguelands. Ultor and I were immediately faced with the enormity of the scourge.

For years the four of us worked to bring balance back to the land. Ultor and I honed our combat prowess against the endless numbers of undead perversions and worse things in the darkness, elemental power and feral might. And in concert we ministered to the land and its inhabitants, bringing small comfort where we could, always setting right what was within our power to. And still the scourge corrupted. It was a dark day indeed when we met our match. The Death Knight who slew our courageous parents was what propelled us forward on our own journeys; I to dedicate myself to sustaining those whose might would force evil to submit, he to dedicate himself to become the bulwark behind which the vulnerable would be shielded. In service to the Horde we pledged to bring finality to the undead scourge for the sake of Azeroth herself, and so we did. And it was both that greatest of challenges and that most life-affirming of achievements as, with companions grown close over the months of hardship and struggle toward that icy pinnacle, through victory and defeat, we triumphed. There is no greater felicity than to assist those of worthy cause in the fulfillment of that goal.

And yet, as we climbed that spire we found a longing in our heart. Through camaraderie we did succeed, but when all was said and done were we to strike out alone, once again by ourselves? No. We knew that the time was right to join forces properly with the righteously aligned. We would always serve the land, just as we had in eradicating the scourge upon it, but from this day forth, for as long as necessary, we would do so with the company of those like us. Champions perhaps, but guardians always.

That was before. And then the very land itself was shattered. In this time of most cataclysmic upheaval there is no excuse for wasting the potential inherent in any living soul. If we are to pull through, to survive this onslaught on our very existence, then it must be through cooperation with our fellows, bearing arms against the would-be conquerer to reclaim what is not just ours, but what is the right of all those who lack the voice or the power to fight on.

And so it is that I, Torine of Mulgore, do petition your Tribe for membership, that together we might all overcome this more grave ordeal before us.
Greetings Torine! I think I remember you... in that place... with that guy. We totally killed him. You brought me back from the brink of darkness many, many times. Yes, you should definitely join us in our impending onslaught.
[Image: IST_Noodle2_sm.jpg]
I will happily put forth my non-conditional sponsorship for this fine fellow, and excellent friend!
We have our weekly moot Thursday evening at 6pm Orgrimmar (server) time. This weeks moot will be on the second floor of the Inn in Bildgewater. Come see us and we will decide what to do with you from there.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Then thank the Earthmother for Server Time, considering I will be working until that time locally, but should be able to be there.

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