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To Ironsong, From Cordeiris
Greetings. My name is Cordeiris. I am a sin'dorie Paladin who has seen 27 seasons. In order to tell you something of myself I must begin with the woefully short tale of my lost memory.

Although I have begun to remember small fragments from my youth, I can remember nothing before a few short months ago. Well, nothing except some blurry images and frightful, lingering feelings I am told are likely from the battle that caused my amnesia.

Of that battle itself I remember only the dim image of an immense arachnid coming towards me, then the feeling of being swallowed by darkness. The sin'dorie healers that have put my body back together will say nothing on that event. (I am left to assume that I was not alone and that there were casualties.) They tell me I must remember for myself. Frustrating as this has been, I have come to accept it, even to make this lack of memory a part of my being. I find however that I am adverse to enjoying the company of any bugs.

Upon my awakening, my healers suggested that I have some hobby or other to pass some of my time while I am regaining my memory. I first started working with jewels, because I could do that while abed, but as I grew stronger I decided also to study mining. I find the hard work of digging out the stones very satisfying and it helps my Jewel crafting greatly.

One of my other pastimes is fishing. I enjoy this sport, not only for itself or for the tasty fish it provides for me to cook, but because I find that it is at times when I am at peace and relaxed that my mind sometimes wanders back into those murky days of my past. My friend, Linil, has also been helping me, not only to regain my memory by seeing the wonders of Azeroth, but to sharpen my skills as a warrior of the Horde.

I do not mean "Warrior", such as Linil's friend Daichallar is, but in the sense that we of the Horde are each a warrior at heart. Doing the best we can to help our races and our allies for a better good. It is for this reason that I have chosen to be a Paladin. To have such power has allowed me to rage against the evils of our world, though that is no longer enough for me.

Since my accident, and the healing I received, I have found that I wish to do more for my race and my world than personally fighting every enemy. That is why I have switched my training from offensive fighting to battle healing. While learning to bandage is helpful, I would like to be able to aid my friends while in battle with the powerful healing I am learning to use from the Light.

Let me now put forth my intent so that all can read. Although I am young and still learning my arts, I would like to apply to join the Ironsong Tribe. I have read, agree with and applaud your code of conduct, and if allowed to enter your guild would do my best to uphold it. I thank you all for your time and consideration.

This elf is a good one. Well as good as any elf.

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