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To Cure a Kardwell - RP event
Prologue - Dispaya's Sanctum

"Ah Luther...I do not know if what I have done was the right thing to do old friend. I have paid a very high price for this."

Dispaya held up a small vial to the candle light on the table before her. Within the vial a tiny drop of red blood sparkled.

"There is always a price...yes always. You told me that once and indeed you were right. And for what? All for an elf who I cannot say will appreciate it or will even use the gift wisely. You know of course I mean Kardwell."

Dispaya sighed.

"Ah Kernasas, it is good that you are here to listen. I need your counsel now more than ever. You see Kardwell suffers from a terrible addiction to magic, much more so than others of his kind. As if that is not bad enough he also inherited a rather...err..abrasive personality and he has all but alienated himself from his own people. The Ironsong Tribe took him in and even then he showed little gratitude...although he has chosen to remain here and why that is I cannot say.

Still...there is some promise about him. I can sense some kind of destiny about him the likes of which I cannot describe. I only know he will play an important role yet in things to come. There is also the fact that he saved my life during the battle of Undercity. He is not all bad. He fights honorably when called.

Perhaps I feel indebted to him for saving me? Perhaps...but he never called for a debt and has never made me feel as if I owe him. So why have I taken such chances for him you ask?"

The undead mage thought for a moment.

"Well...because he is tribe. That is why. And no one tribe member can be held as less important than another. Kardwell has suffered much for the mistakes of his family. This is something many others experience as well. And addiction? What do you think of that old friend?"

"Well..addiction is a problem to be sure, but so many look upon this problem as one of weakness of the individual...or perhaps that it is the fault of one so afflicted. But in my experience addiction is something more like a disease of the mind. Some are simply not able to control their own urges and yes...sometimes that leads to the suffering of those around them. Karwell's addiction has affected the whole tribe...from those who now have disdain for him to those who can possibly never trust him again. He has been called to battle and never showed. He has been unreliable. He has drained the tribe's resources and energy as a whole. He has taken us away from our fun time at balls and moots. His problem has taken it's toll on the tribe now long enough."

"I will see it ended Luther. I hope you can understand that. I hope you will not judge me too harshly for what I have done. Oh? you want to know how far I had to go?"

Dispaya stared once again into the candle flame as she collected her thoughts.

"Well...first there was Delgarsida. I know we do not need to discuss how much tragedy this one has brought to our doorstep. But to cure Kardwell I had to go before her...and...ASK...for a favor."

Dispaya shudders at the thought.

"Oh yes my friend. A favor from Delgarsida is like making a deal with the Legion itself. Oh she was cordial enough...and I am glad to say she asked for no favor in return save my assistance in the redemption of her daughter Vera...who I would have been glad to help anyway. She shared with me a secret of resurrection that the Death Knights hold in very close secrecy.

You see Luther, in trying to cure a being as corrupted as Kardwell, I had to reason that perhaps the cure is not to cure him at all. After all everything we try has failed. If we feed his addiction with more power it only becomes worse. So the only way we can save him is to purify him. And the only way to purify him is to give him..an er...what would you call it....a do over? I think my engineer friend Scrap would call it a "reboot."

Dispaya giggled as Kernasas remained silent.

"Oh you do not get it then I guess. Well in short...to cure him we will have to destroy his body...for it has become so corrupted that his mind can no longer control it. The addiction is physical...therefore, all physicality must be lost.

Oh yes I know I know...resurrection is dependent on a body. Without a body the spell will fail. So if we destroy Kard's body how will we return him to life? The answer is this."

She held up the vial of blood for Kern to see.

"This is a single drop of the blood of Alextraszha...the red dragon queen. I went before her and asked for this on behalf of my friend. She did not agree at first for her blood can be used to terrible ends. Still, I have done a bit of service for Wyrmrest Temple and I am well enough trusted there. Finally she agreed but at a very high price for I am now indebted to her for a period of service that will come at a time and place of her choosing. I do not give my own freedom eagerly...but there was no other way.

And so now we must prepare a blood ritual to cure Kardwell once and for all. The Deathknights will use their own necrotic energies at a special place of power. We will destroy Karwell and his body will erupt in flames. HE will be reduced to nothing but ash...and then we will perform a counter spell using this blood to return him to life. He will be purified in fire like the phoenix which his people hold so dear."

"Do you think I am wrong for doing this old friend? Am I a fool? I have called in two dreadful favors in order to restore an individual who may never care or appreciate what I have done. Such is the way of addiction...it often takes away all hope. Still..we must never give up on one so afflicted...for there may yet be a turning point for them."

"Well...I can see I have taken up enough of your time today old friend. I do appreciate you listening as always. Now I must go and prepare. We must talk again soon."

With that Dispaya rose and gracefully departed the sanctum. The large iron bound door clanged shut behind her as mithril locks clicked into place.

On the worktable, the dead skull of Luther Kernasas continued to stare silently into the darkness.
Sing True Ironsong!
A series of bright, green eyes flashed the paladin's way as he made a slow entrance into the dark room these people called home.

He was not one of them, nor did he ever want to be. They were still his kin, but he didn't agree with their method of absorbing magic and gaining power. The desire for that gain was what had led them to abusing the energy of the Sunwell all those years ago. Whereas he preferred to absorb magic from the power of the Light, these people preferred to do the exact opposite.

Kardwel glanced around the room, spotting each face in turn through strands of golden hair. None of the faces were the one he was looking for. His eyes averted as something from his peripheral caught his attention. A woman with dark hair and a blood-red robe approached him, her view giving him a once over.

"Can I help you...paladin?" She asked quickly, as if expecting him to suddenly attempt to purge every being in this room.

He didn't answer right away. Instead he found his eyes scanning over a few large arcane crystals here, beams of swirling green and purple energies twisting this way and that over their shining surfaces. He absently brought a hand to his chin, running his knuckles along the tuft of hair there as golden as the ones on his head.

"I'm looking for a certain Warlock." he quietly spoke, "He goes by the name Sentei."

The woman quirked an eyebrow and looked away. She ran a hand over her hip, appearing to dust something off. She then turned her head to view those in the room before looking back in Kardwel's direction.

"I haven't seen him in weeks." She stated, "Nor have any of the others here."

Kardwel nodded slowly and didn't speak. It occurred to him that these people didn't need to communicate with words. Their minds did that for them. For a moment, it didn't look like he was going to say anything else. He turned then, one hand beginning to sweep aside a dark purple, transparent curtain. He stopped suddenly and glanced back to the woman.

"Let him know he's being looked for."

The woman didn't even give any signal she heard. Just watched him go.

Kardwel ascended the spiraling stair case to the upper floor, noticing the light shining in here from the doors. It seemed rather bright, even after only being down in that dark-magic inspired room for a few minutes. Looking around, he noticed the room was oddly empty. He had seen rogues training here often, but now none of them stood about. He had only paused for a moment to look this scene over, but then he was on his way.

"I knew you'd show up eventually."

Kardwel spun around, not expecting to here the deeper voice at all. He breathed in quickly, trying to relax himself.

The other sin'dorei was staring at him from a deep red, velvet chair, a book in one hand as he glanced out lazily from behind well-kept locks of chocolate brown hair.

"What the hell-" Kardwel began, but then shut his mouth, "What do you want with me?" he opted for instead.

"At least a 'hello Sentei' would've been nice." The brown haired elf stated.

Kardwel wasn't sure what it was, but he felt on odd sense of familiarity about this character. Maybe it was the way he spoke or perhaps the look he was getting. Either way, the paladin couldn't quite put his finger on it. It felt like he should almost know Sentei better.

"I asked you once and I want to know an answer," Kardwel continued, "What do you want with me."

The warlock continued to sit there with a cool expression on his face as if completely unperturbed by this other elf. With a sudden motion, his hand came up and the book he was holding snapped shut.

"I have been watching you for a long time." Sentai explained showing none of his previous, light tone. "I've been watching you because I had to."

Kardwel stood there, a look of some shock starting to sink into his features. Been watched for a long time? This didn't bode well.

"And just how long have you been watching me?" he asked, fearing the answer this time.

The warlock casually looked away, setting the book on the floor as he leaned forward.

"Since shortly after you were born." He said. "I don't know every aspect of your life since I couldn't be there all the time, but I do know a lot."

Kardwel's body stiffened as his eyes began to glow brighter. A surefire sign that his temper was heating up.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" He quietly asked, his words dripping with poison.

Sentei stood and approached Kardwel, even though it looked like the paladin was going to punch him in the face. He showed no sign of backing off though.

He held out one hand as if formally greeting Kardwel for the first time.

"I...am Sentei Gil'Light. Your brother."

It felt like someone had stabbed Kardwel's gut with an ice-covered knife. He felt a sense of terror run through his body as the icy feeling escalated into his chest, pouring out into his arms and flowing to his head. It was like a sound of crashing waves was driving out all other sound, all other thought. All he could focus on at this point were those two words: Your brother.

After what felt like an age of time had passed, Sentei lowered his hand, realizing he must've really come at a bad time. Kardwel wasn't even looking at him anymore, instead he was staring at the floor, straight as if trying to bore holes into the delicatly placed stones here. Finally, he spoke and his voice oddly did not sound normal.

"My...brother...?" he heaved as if forcing himself to say the words.

Sentei didn't verbally reply, just nodded.

Kardwel's eyes flashed upward and Sentei was surprised to see they appeared...wet.

"And after all this time..." the paladin spat, "You were never there for me, not once?" He paused, "I don't believe you. No brother would leave his family stranded."

"I didn't want to Kard," Sentei calmly tried, "Father made it impossible. I could not live with a man that would call his own son a demon."

Kardwel felt himself involuintarily take a step back.

"You know as well as I do what he was like." Sentei continued, "I would've been there if I could."

With a sudden blur of motion, Kardwel had flung himself at the warlock and the two of them landed on the ground with a clash of their bodies. Though Sentei was the older one, Kardwel was physically a lot stronger and had the warlock on his back in a matter of seconds. Not to mention Sentei didn't bother trying to fight back. Not until he found a plate-covered glove gripping his neck.

"Then where were you, huh?!" Kardwel vehemently asked, the anger clear on his face. "Where were you when mother and father were laying in body piles waiting to be picked up? Where were you when I was out in Ghostlands burying their bodies? Where were you when I found Mehri along with them and had to-" Kardwel suddenly cut himself off as if his voice forgot how to keep working. Though his hand remained firm on Sentei's neck, Sentei had a feeling Kardwel couldn't say much more.

And there were no words he could use to tell Kardwel why he hadn't been there. When the Dead Scar came through Silvermoon, hundereds of Blood Elf families had died and many were refugees. He had been one of them, given no right to venture outside the city until everything was contained. At the time, he thought Kardwel had died as well. But a few weeks later, as if by magic, Sentei had spotted him in the Bazaar debating the future of their city and what was to come of their prince with other survivors. It wasn't until later that he discovered both their parents had died. Along with...her.

All Sentei found he could manage was a broken, "I'm...sorry..."

"Sorry?" Kardwel went on, "Sorry's not going to bring back anybody. Sorry's not going to help." He paused and finally seemed to get control on himself, "You can't just say 'sorry' and make everything go away."

And with those words, Kardwel pushed himself from the floor and off Sentei's body. It was only a matter of seconds and he was out the door.

Sentei lay where he was for some time. Never in his life had he suddenly felt so alone.


Somwhere in Silvermoon, Kardwel found himself on a bench staring at a fountain of cascading water.

But his eyes may as well have been closed from everything around him. A brother? Did he really have a brother? How come no one had ever spoken of Sentei before then? Was father that ashamed to have a warlock son?

Thinking it over, Kardwel could remember the priestly teachings of his father, but he also remembered how angry he would get when Kardwel did not follow orders. He tried making Kardwel into a priest even, trying to get him to 'follow in the ways of the light'. But Kardwel never wanted that. He had always wanted to follow a path that embraced a fighting art. This had led to countless arguments in the family.

His mother was the only person who provided any real balance, but she was often soft spoken and didn't say the things she needed to. Although Kardwel had left Sentei on the floor back there, he was hounded by a million questions now. He felt his arm twitch and a sudden burst of energy sparked from his hand. Now this on top of all the other problems he was dealing with.

He was about to stand up and take a much needed walk when a figure walking towards him stopped his movement.

"Dispaya?" He muttered, somewhat surprised to see her here. he found himself standing taller as a myriad of emotions flew through him.

"Kardwel," She spoke slowly, "I believe I have found a cure for you. The tribe will help later this evening."

"Dispaya, I-I need-" he started, but she cut him off. He needed to tell her about Sentei and what affect this might have on him.

"You can tell me everything later." she said, "But there is still much to be done. I will meet up with you later this evening."

And in a poof, she was gone.

Kardwel remained where he was, feeling a bit disheartened now to top it all off. A cure? Was she serious about that? So far, the only cure he could think of was more Sunwell water. Sighing and feeling more than a little frusterated, he kicked at the ground before he began to quickly stride away into the afternoon.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Epilogue - Wyrmrest Temple

Dispaya bowed before the Queen of the Red Dragon Flight. Alexstrasza turned and peered down at her through wizened eyes.

"Ah...you have returned corpsling."

"Yes my Lady."

"And your mission...to save your friend?"

"He is now safe my Lady."

"Very well. And you have come at my bidding now to repay your debt?"

"I have."

"You are honorable Dispaya. Please seek an audience with Chromie and she will direct you further."

The Queen abruptly turned away to attend to other matters. Dispaya curtseyed out of respect but she was already out of the Queen's mind by now.

Dispaya pulled her long cloak around her and made her way to the Bronze Dragonflights Ambassador. Her intuition was already giving her a sinking feeling about this service.

Chromie looked up from a long scroll she was puzzling over and removed her glasses. She was in the form of a small gnome woman, a form she preferred over others.

"Ah...Dispaya...please sit."

Dispaya looked around and with no apparent place to sit in the chamber she simply plopped herself down on the floor.

"We have received some troubling intelligence gathered from our spies in the North. It seems that Arthas has hatched yet another plot to bring his war to victory. It would appear he has enlisted an assassin...name unknown...to destroy Baron Mograine."

Dispaya smiled. "Well from what I know of the Baron it will take much more than that to stop him. An assassin could not even gain entrance to his fortress. And even if one did, the Death Knights would sense him and destroy him easily"

"That may be so now...but was not always so. There was a time the Baron was human you see, and much weaker than he is now."

"You are speaking again of time travel. I have undertaken many missions for your flight to correct those who would dare try and change the past. This is nothing to be taken lightly."

Chromie handed Dispaya a parchment.

"These are your orders. The time and place is there. We do not know the assassins name or exactly when he will strike. We only know an approximate time. You Dispaya will be perfect for this mission as you know how to pass for human better than others of your kind. We want you to go and seek this assassin out. Guard Lord Mograine in secret and make sure he remains safe so the timeline will be preserved."

"How will I get there"

Chromie next presented the mage with a small hourglass shaped trinket. It pulsed with a faint glow.

"This will take you there and will create a trigger to return you when your mission is complete."

"Very well my Lady."

Dispaya clutched the trinket before placing in her belt pouch.

"I will make preparations to depart at once. How long will I be gone?"

"Ah well...time is relative isn't it. You may be away several months but if all goes well you will return to our time without many days passing at all."

Dispaya nodded in understanding. She stood and turned preparing to leave.

"Remember Dispaya...you can only destroy the one who does not belong there. Be wary of your actions for anything no matter how insignificant it may seem could cause the timeline to be lost forever."

Dispaya nodded. The responsibility was almost too great to bear. Silently she turned and marched away.

Chromie watched her go.

"I do hope the Queen mother has chosen her agent wisely."
Sing True Ironsong!
"Mu'ru has given us a gift. One we did not recognize for some time. It was our fault that we didn't accept it as such a gift, but that we tried to control it instead. We all can see where that got us..."

The female Sin'Dorei turned her head, looking out over a small crowd of paladins in training. Some of them were just starting into the field. Behind all of them, stood a much more well-trained paladin. His blond hair cascaded over his back, criss-crosseing over the golden shield perched there. A heavy, blue hued mace hung from a strap on his hip, his arms crossed over his chest as he continued to listen.

It had been nearly one week since Kardwel was cured of his addiction to magic. Like all paladins before him, he too had taken advantage of Mu'ru's power when the Naaru had first been introduced to them. And like all other paladins, he had come to embrace the power of Mu'ru instead of trying to take advantage of it after the battles in Outlands. Many paladins in training had to go through this ritual of understanding their power and why it was here. And what should be done with it.

"As you can see, there are many different reasons as to why we have accepted this power of the light." the Sin'Dorei woman continued, her red hair falling about in tendrils around her face. "Some of you wish to use it to heal your people and your allies. Some of you wish to use it to defend them. Others wish to use it to ward off any who would encroach upon our lands."

She paused to gauge the audiences reaction.

"That is why I have called you here. To Shattrath City. This place was once the central hub for all the current battles we had to face. After the North opened, many of our most valued soldiers have moved on. But that is no reason as to why any of you should ignore what is going on here. There are still other forces needed to keep the many evils of this place still at bay."

She then turned around, indicating a large, glowing figure behind her. It was not a humanoid creature in any way. It was shaped almost like a beautiful gem, broken and floating. Though it had no expression or eyes to look out with, everyone had the distinct impression they were being watched. But it was not unnerving like one would think. It was a calming presence. One that made you want to stay here, as if by standing near this being all your troubles would simply wash away.

"This is A'dal." the woman spoke, "A naaru, like many of the others you have heard spoken of. Mu'ru is a lot like A'dal, giving us a power we now use to our better judgement."

The woman continued on, but Kardwel wasn't particularly listening anymore. He was watching A'dal, and though it looked like the Naaru was focusing on the group of Blood Elves at hand, he had the distinct impression he was being focused on as well. He remained standing where he was until the group finished with their lesson. A few mages stepped forward and began opening up portals back to Silvermoon City.

He approached A'dal then, stepping up onto the small, risen platform. There was still a small, crafted replica of the Isle of Quel'danas beneath...him? Kardwel wasn't even sure if Naaru had genders.

He looked up the large, glowing figure and didn't speak. The words were in his mind.

"I feel...amazing. Everything is clear, my mind isn't corrupted by thoughts of feeding my addiction. But...there is still an old familiar sensation when I use magic. After the crazy gamble the tribe took for me, I don't want to have to go through that again."

A'dal hovered there and Kardwel didn't hear a thing. Even though no answer was being granted, Kardwel's usual impatience didn't arise.

"You must find a new outlet for your energy, Sir Gil'Light." A voice finally spoke. Though it was right by him, Kardwel knew it wasn't being spoken aloud. It was all being said in his head.

"There will always be a need for magic..."

"But they destroyed my body in fire." Kardwel spoke aloud this time, "I have new blood, blood not tainted by the desire for magic."

"But you look no different than you did before, Sir Gil'Light." A'dal explained, "When you were born, even as simple and innocent as a baby could be, what were you born into?"

Kardwel paused for a moment, his now dull green eyes lowering to the floor. That was another thing about having a new body. His eyes continued to stay green, even though the fel corruption had been lifted from his body. However, unlike most Sin'Dorei, his eyes no longer glowed bright. Instead, it was a very dull and faint shine at this point.

"Addiction." he muttered.

"And thus being reborn, you are once more brought back into the old style of your people." A'dal explained, "It is a curse, Sir Gil'Light. One you all must live with."

Kardwel felt a sinking feeling in his gut. So even after all that...he still wasn't cured? Even after being given a new body, being resurrected by his tribe, it was still a problem?

"Your body may be a lot less of a problem now. A'dal said, "And I sense every doubt flowing through you. but you must not think it is the end simply because of this. You can still control yourself by using the holy powers within you just as you've done before. But find another outlet and you will be fine."

"What do you mean by another outlet?" Kardwel questioned, "Using my energy as a paladin isn't enough?"

He paused again, still listening to A'dal.

"You may have to go away for a while." The Naaru suggested, "But it is better than losing yourself to magic all over again. Even with a new body, there is always the chance you could relapse back into who you were before. A new body does not mean a new mind and soul."

Kardwel nodded slowly. Whatever it was, he needed to find out what he needed to do to make sure this never happened again.

"What do you want me to do?" he asked.

"It's not a matter of what *I* want you to do...it's a matter of if you're willing to take a new path to save yourself.

"Anything." Kardwel immediately answered. He remained silent for some time, listening to A'dal's words.

"You think I should...what?" the Blood Elf asked, taking an involuntary step back, an eyebrow raising. "Do you know what kind of reputation those people have?"

He was silent again.

"Well, yes, I do but...are you sure I should do this?"

"Once again, Sir Gil'Light...it's not up to me."

Kardwel faltered. He did want to save himself from falling back into addiction. He knew there was the chance that continuously using his magic could make him want to feed on more leading himself into another vicious cycle.

"I..." he started, the sighed and shook his head as if hardly believing he was doing this. "I'll do it..."

If A'dal had an expression, Kardwel suddenly got the feeling the Naaru would be smiling.

"Where should I go?" he asked. He paused again, listening to A'dal once more.

"First thing in the morning?" he asked, "I need to at least tell Di-" he halted his sentence as if suddenly rethinking. "...at least tell everyone what I'm doing."

"When your tribe meets up again, you will let them know. After that, you must depart. When you return, depends entirely on you."

Kardwel nodded. Feeling an odd heavy feeling in his chest, he walked away back toward the portal to Silvermoon. He had one day to get ready to go. He would let the tribe know he was leaving and then...well, he couldn't say where he would go from there.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
He awoke from his slumber with a quick stretch to make sure his bones were all in their sockets. Looking around his makeshift home in the Lower City he mentally took inventory of his belongings, always nervous those Orphans nearby would have the courage to sneak in and try to steal his things again. They didn't.

Hoping up off his bed he gathered his Robe, wallet, a small bag, his mask, and a red rose he had been saving for just this occasion. He made sure his hair was perfect in the mirror, and gave himself a thumbs up before leaving. "Todays the day!" he said aloud as he walked down the steps and left.

As he climbed the steps to the Upper city, he wondered if he thought maybe, if he were to just peek ahead a little bit, and see what the possibility's were, it would save him the worry. "Nah." he thought, "that would kill all the excitement. Not knowing is half the fun."

When he reached the top he heard noise coming from within the main chamber, but paid it no mind and continued on to his task. He saw her from a distance, on her grey mount, her fail hair wavering in the wind. Blue eyes glowing in the soft light of the city.
He made his approach, while she wasn't looking he came near to her side, and raised the rose up to her. "The beauty in this flower, is rivaled only by your features, soft, but strong, glowing you carry with you the aura of perfection." Of course spoken in a broken Draenei tongue, with the word for beauty, Flower, and Carry accadently mixed up with other words such as Gnome, Sun-dried, and Numb. but the Female Peacekeeper knew what he was trying to do, as he had tried before.
She signaled her understanding of what he said by simply rolling her eyes, and responded with nothing more than rude gestures.

His decrypt hands pulled back the rose and he shrugged. "Oh well. wasn't that into Off-world Squidbillies to begin with..." and at that moment he caught a blood elf paladin leaving the center chamber. "besides....what have we here..?"

He approced the Blood elf, rose first and repeated his line: "The beauty in this flower, is rivaled only by your features, soft, but strong, glowing you carry with you the aura of perfection."
She looked at him, and simply laughed. "What is this? Did my friends put you up to this?"
"Put me up to...? Do you understand who it is who graces your presence? Have you not heard that the Great Mind Healer, and Seer Westt has made his home in outland?" he says as he attempts to puff out his chest, with some of his ribs showing though.
"Oh trust me," the Elf replied frowning, "your reputation proceeds you... Tell me, what great affront did you do now to be only welcome in a city not of Azeroth?"

"If you must know i have seen a great probability that Azeroth will be no more...that is if i do not act. I am here, for my own safety, as well as to attend the Funeral of a Paladin of the Ironsong Tribe. It is there i intend to make some great allies, and aid them in the coming struggle with plans i have made based of the most possible future crisis." He said smugly. "so, will you not take the Rose, and a day to walk with the possible savior of the Planet?"
"...uh-huh. well hopefully some of that tribe have kept their ears to the ground and already know all about you." she replied unimpressed.
"besides, what exactly would i do with a arrogant, self serving corpse for a 'romantic day?' she laughed.

Westt glared "even 'corpses' have needs" he said under his breath, but was cut off again.
"in fact, just out of curiosity, who's funeral were you planning to attend?" she asked.
"Why, I guess you may not have heard of this tragedy yet....Why a Paladin by the name of Kardwell. The Ironsong tried to recreate a body for him not so long ago, and from what i had seen of all the possible futures, it had about a 3% chance to succeed. Therefore, like everything else i have witnessed with such an unlikely chance of being achieved, his body was destroyed in the process, unable to be brought back...all because there wasn't enough blood of the Red Dragonqueen used to bring him back." he folded his arms and smiled knowingly and arrogantly.

The blood elf had to fight back her tears when she began laughing. "HAH!.....oh..ok..let me catch my breath...so wait...you mean THAT 3% chance? that one right over there? HAHA! Your such an arrogant little..." but her voice trailed off unheard as Westt tuned his head to look into the chamber, and what he saw would have made his jaw drop if he still had it.
Standing there, talking to the Naruu in the middle of the room was the one thing he never expected to see. Kardwell. Not only was he not dead, but he seemed to be refreshed, and remade.

Westt stood there for a while, dumbfounded, watching him talk to the Naruu and then eventually walk away and leave. He stood staring for a minute more, with the laughter of the Blood Elf carrying on as she left heading towards the Flight Master, until he finally spoke. "...This...changes...everything.." Westt looked up to the starry Outland sky "what to do now...." he closed his eyes, and opened them again, the purple glow emanating off of them as he looks ahead. He blinks once more and his eyes become their normal yellow, and looks to the portal to the Undercity. "It seems I must return to Azeroth once again...." a slight quiver in his horse voice, "...there is much that needs to be done.."

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