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Anyone else watching this? Geek & Sundry (Tuesdays) and Youtube (Fridays).  I did not think I would enjoy this as much as I have been (and if you hate Wil Wheaton with a passion stop reading now and go do something else that's fun). It's an RPG story/game series following four characters with Wheaton as the GM.  Totally not my normal cup of tea that I'd even bother watching, because I don't really like game videos and suchlike.  I can't even remember why I decided to try it out.

But. I've been really having fun watching the player interactions and seeing the story develop.  No, it's not Emmy material; it's a kickstarter-funded internet show.  But it feels to me like peeking in on five people having a lot of fun working their way through the game and just kicking things around.  Maybe if I were a hardcore RPG gamer person I'd scoff at the simplicity of the rules or grumble about something something THAC0 but as someone who just had a lot of the D&D books and manuals back in the 70s and 80s and no one around to play them with, I'm finding it fun, funny and interesting.  Sure there's some cheesy stuff but I think the whole thing is just a good time.

If curious, I recommend starting with Episode 0 to get the backstory. It's super basic, and you can skip the first few minutes but I think it's worth watching when they introduce the player characters and give an idea of the world they're in.

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