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Tigbert & Ugnasht
I. Your character(s): Tigbert & Ugnasht

Please fill this this section out in detail, and in character. Thank you!

My Name is Tigbert and I am a goblin refuge who is studying afflictions with the warlock trainer in Ogrimmar.
Being shackled in the bowels of a ship knowing I would never see my home again I learned to appreciate circumstance as a unique opportunity to learn. I sat still and watched and experienced fully what was going on within me and around me. For instance I saw many afflictions on my journey and it fascinated me.
I know I am one of many refugees during this land ravaged time and I a grateful to have a home with the mighty Horde. I hope to continue my studies and help the tribe. Speaking of studies, I am now an assistant professor having recently become fascinated with the rich culture that I was previously unaware of (being isolated on my home island). I do keep a rock from my home in my bank which might be where the draw to archaeology began.
I am outgoing, friendly and inquisitive by nature. I may ask a lot of questions and strike up conversations without paying much attention to pomp and circumstance.

My name is Ugnasht and I am a goblin discipline priest.
As an infant I was found on the shore by a member of the Darkspear Tribe. Still very young I was unable to do anything as my new caretaker was consumed by fire spread from Deathwing. I adopted her name, inserted a nose piece in place of tusks and have worn the Darkspear mantle ever since. I have been praying with the spirit trolls and learning from the tribes priests. ((this is to pay homage to the fact I rolled her a long time ago as a troll and changed her race since I enjoy playing short character))
Since the goblin slums has been established next to our new home I have begun to explore some of my own heritage and enjoy tinkering.

I have read our Code of Conduct, and do you agree to abide by the rules stated in it and have replied to the post itself.

II. Yourself

Please fill this section out as yourself. Thank you!

1. I was part of Ancients of the Breeze (Alliance) and of the Stone (Horde) many moons ago. When the GM passed away most of the remaining membership transferred to our allied guild the Alliance Guard (Alliance) of which I am still a member. Although it has been suggested I would never take an officer position since my husband is the GM. I also used to raid with Left Overs (at 60, 70 and 80). I hope you don't hold it against me but I just wanted to experience how the other side live Wink.
2. I have done some RPing and hope to continue to do so with the guild and I hope to be able to group with guildmates for instances and eventually raids. I like being part of a community and have always felt it important to contribute and help each other.
3. I have been playing since original beta (guess before vanilla would be unflavored Wink ).
4. I am sporadic and flexible with my time as I work for myself. That being said I am in Atlantic time so server +4
5. Just want to thank those I have gotten the pleasure of talking and interacting with.
Tigbert! *hugs!*
[Image: IST_Noodle2_sm.jpg]
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Miss you bud! Great group you left me with though Wink

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