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Tichondrius Nutshell Guide
Based on the Icy Veins guide:

Tichondrius is basically a one phase encounter with two intermissions.  This fight revolves around handling debuffs and getting adds down.


Tank attack:  Feast of Blood:  DoT on tank that increases damage taken, increases the effects of Vampiric Aura, AND spawns 3 Tainted Blood adds that fixate the Feast of Blood target until they are killed.  

Debuff:  Carrion Plague.  40 second DoT on random players.

Anti-Debuffed player attack:  Seeker Swarm.  Seeker Swarm is a line attack that travels between the boss and every player with Carrion Plague, hitting every player in its path and applying Carrion Plague to them.

[Heroic only: Debuff:  Brand of Argus.  Randomly applied to players, persists until detonated, at which point it does moderate raid-wide damage.  It can be detonated by standing within 6 yards of a clump of allies.  Raid damage is reduced by distance from the detonation.]

Vampiric Aura: healing aura:  Any allied targets standing within 3o yards of him to be healed for 400% of the damage dealt by their melee attacks.

Channeled attack:  Echoes of the Void:  Every 55 seconds.  Raid-wide damage which increases in intensity with every tick.  4 fell spires will spawn around the room, each spire will absorb the damage the players behind it would have taken until it is destroyed.  The more players behind a pillar, the faster it will be destroyed.


Tank the boss slightly off center from his initial spawn point, so that tanks can easily move the Tainted Bloods out of range of his Vampiric Aura.

Players affected by Carrion Plague should move to the SIDE of the room and spread out loosely.  It's important that no other players stand between the rebuffed players and the boss, so they don't get hit with Seeker Swarm and get Carrion Plague themselves.

Whenever a tank gets marked with Feast of Blood, tanks should immediately taunt swap and take the Tainted Bloods 30 yards away to escape his Vampiric Aura.  DPS should immediately swap to the bloods and kill them fast.

Ranged and Healers who don't have Carrion Plague should loosely spread out in the remaining area.  When casts of Brand of Argus go out, we will call out one affected player at a time so that the rest of the ranged can stack on them to detonate the brands one by one.  This will give the healers a moment to heal the raid between detonations.

When Tichondrius casts Echoes of the Void, the raid should spread evenly behind the 4 fel spires that emerge.  It's important to be evenly spread, as the pillars have invisible health bars and they soak up the damage the players would otherwise have received, so if too many players are behind one pillar it will break quickly and the players will be vulnerable to the Tichondrius' damage.


After 130 seconds, Tichondrius will cast Illusionary Night and disappear, leaving the group trapped in a nightmare.  Tichondrius will manifest as Carrion Nightmares, which are fel beams that charge for a moment before dealing heavy shadow damage + a 3 second stun.

Phantasmal Bloodfangs will continuously spawn in the nightmare.  When they are killed, they drop an Essence of Night which is a raid buff that increases damage, healing and mana regen.  The buff persists until the Illusionary Night intermission phase is over and then 30 seconds into the next phase.


Stay mobile and alert and out of the fel beams.  Kill Phantasmal Bloodfangs so that as many people as possible obtain the Essence of Night buff.


Phase Three is the same as Phase One, except that he will begin to summon unique adds.  In this phase he'll periodically summon Felsworn Spellguards.  They gain speed the longer they are alive.  They apply a stacking DoT called Volatile Wound on their targets.  When this debuff expires, it will create a void zone called a Nether Zone.


The tank which currently affected by Feast of Blood should pick up the Spellguard adds and take them to the back of the room along with the freshly spawned Tainted Bloods.  All DPS should prioritize the adds above all else as they do a LOT of tank damage and apply a stacking debuff.  If they are not killed fast they'll kill the tank.


Same as the first intermission.


Phase Three is the same as Phase One, but the boss will summon Sightless Watchers this time.  These periodically apply a Burning Soul DoT to a random healer, which does damage and drains Mana.  It can be dispelled, but when it is dispelled it does high fire damage to players within 8 yards.  The adds will also periodically cast Ring of Shadows which places a ring around a caster and does damage to everyone within 10-20 yards.

PHASE 1C Strategy

Tanks handle the Sightless Watchers just like the adds in Phase Two:  grab them and take them to the side.  Healers stand near the edges of the ranged stack so they can immediately dispel Burning Soul when it is applied.  Ranged either stand within 10 yards of the adds, or over 30 yards away, to avoid the damage from Ring of Shadows.
Here is the Line of Sight Tichondrius guide!  Please take a look for tonight:


Tichondrius is basically a ONE PHASE fight broken up with two intermissions.  Success depends on handling the debuffs and adds properly.

Aura:  Tichondrius has a vampiric aura that buffs any adds within 30 yards with LEECH.  Adds should be tanked at the back of the room, beyond his aura.

Adds:  Feast of Blood will cause blood adds to FIXATE onto the boss' current target (a tank).  Tanks should taunt-swap and run the bloods to the back where DPS can kill them quickly.

Debuff requiring positioning: Carrion Plague is a debuff cast on random targets.  Everyone with the debuff should run to the left side of the room while healthy players remain on the right.  Debuffed players will take ticking damage and will be targeted with Seeker Swarm, which damages anyone in its path and applies Carrion Plague to anyone who doesn't have it.

Pillars to hide behind:  Echoes of the Void is a raid-wide channeled AoE.  Four pillars will erupt from the ground, giving players something to hide behind to avoid the damage.  The pillars soak the damage from the AoE that the players behind it would have taken, and then crumble if the pillar's health is exhausted.  Players should therefore spread themselves evenly behind the pillars to make them last.  If too many players stack behind one pillar, it will take a lot of damage and will crumble before Echoes of the Void is over. 

Tanks take the adds behind a pillar on the clean side to avoid getting Carrion Swarmed.

The intermission:

Tichondrius splits into a swarm of bats at the beginning of the intermission phase.  He'll start blasting the area with Carrion Nightmare, a wide green line attack.  Sidestep the blast line.  Group up the bats and AoE them down.  As each bat dies it will drop an Essence of Night.  When picked up the player will receive a damage and healing buff.  Have heavy cleave DPS pick up the first essences to maximize the number of bats we can kill in this phase (which means more buffs for the raid).  The buff will last 30 seconds AFTER the intermission ends so make use of the extra damage!

After the intermissions:

After each intermission an additional type of add will join the fight.  After the first intermission we'll get Felsworn Spellguards. Tank them in the back near the bloods.  They apply Volatile Wounds, a stacking debuff that drops a void zone when it falls off.  Drop these at the EDGES of the room.

After the second intermission we'll get Sightless Watchers in addition to the Felsworn Spellguards and Bloods.  
Watchers are the priority.  They'll debuff random healers with a mana burn.  When dispelled it will do heavy damage to anyone nearby --> healers move at least 8 yards away before dispelling yourself.


* Keep the plague side and the clean side separate
* Take adds to the back of the room
* Prioritize killing the adds
* Hide evenly behind the pillars (drag adds there too)
* Use the intermissions to get buffed, avoid the beam.
* Drop Volatile Wounds void zones at the edges of the room
* Healers with the mana burn run out before dispelling it
Differences with heroic, from http://www.wowhead.com/tichondrius-night...tegy-guide

Heroic Difficulty

Brand of Argus targets random ranged playersOn Heroic and higher difficulties, Phase 1 lasts 2:10, making the Phase 1-Phase 2 cycle take 2:40 instead of 2:00.

Tichondrius gains a new mechanic, Brand of Argus, during Phase 1.
Brand of Argus will afflict two random ranged players each time Tichondrius casts it
It avoids players already debuffed with Carrion Plague, unless this is not possible
He will cast this spell four times in each Phase 1, for a total of 8 Brand of Argus debuffs per phase
The Brand of Argus casts occur about halfway between the Carrion Plague and Seeker Swarm casts
Brand of Argus has no maximum duration, and has no effect unless players detonate the debuff
This requires 4 additional players to come stand within the green rune at the Brand of Argus target's feet
When this happens, Brand of Argus will detonate, dealing heavy damage to the entire raid
The players inside the Brand of Argus rune are also knocked back
Damage taken from Brand of Argus detonations is reduced by distance from the Brand of Argus target
Players inside the Brand of Argus, including the original target, will take full or nearly-full damage from the effect
Detonating the Brand of Argus debuffs is important because the debuff otherwise acts as a position constraint on an already positionally constrained fight.
If Brand of Argus is not detonated purposefully, it may be accidentally detonated during Echoes of the Void or while reacting to Seeker Swarm/ Carrion Plague
These occasions are likely to be deadly to the players involved in the detonation, and potentially to the rest of the raid
It is important to detonate the Brand of Argus debuffs deliberately, at convenient times for the healers, and in a designated location so that raid damage is reduced

4 other players must stand in the Brand to detonate itMark a few areas at the back of the room for Brand of Argus targets to stand at. When it is a convenient time to detonate the Brand of Argus debuffs, squads of 4 players should run into the Brand of Argus rune.
Mark the opposite side of the room from Seeker Swarm/ Carrion Plague targets' designated area
This way, players already taking damage from these mechanics will not be too endangered by the Brand of Argus detonation
Be sure to detonate all Brand of Argus debuffs before the next Echoes of the Void cast
The best time to detonate is in the 10 seconds between the Brand of Argus is cast and the next Seeker Swarm cast
Do not detonate multiple Brand of Argus debuffs at once - stagger them so healers can help the raid recover
Players who are triggering a Brand of Argus detonation should use a personal cooldown when possible
Healers should use raid cooldowns to heal the raid after each wave of Brand of Argus detonations.

The Sightless Watchers will now cast Ring of Shadows.
This will deal damage to anyone within the animation of the ring.
Players should try to move away from the Ring of Shadows to reduce the amount of damage they take, however, maintaining Carrion Plague positioning is far more important, as spreading the debuff via the Seeker Swarm during this phase will cause many more issues than just taking a small amount of damage from the ring of shadows.
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