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Throwing out an idea...
So.. We've pretty much got Midnight/Attumen and Moroes down to farm status. I'd like to propose that we start doing them on a third night, say tuesday or wed. Shouldn't take more than an hour, but will save us a good 45 minutes to an hour on trash pulls on Friday, and the boss time too, ensuring that we can clear through the Curator Friday, and give us more time with Aran, Chess, and Prince on Saturday.

What's everyone think?
If we can pin down a day when most of us are available, I am all for this. It might be a good way to pull in some of the rest of the tribe as well, if there are keyed people who can't make the weekend times... perhaps help cut down on the DEing. >.>

I am now free any night so long as we don't go past 8:30 or so server time.
Either should be good for me. I'm with Narnar on the time though. 8 server time is 11 my time, and I need to be sleepytime then. Smile
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Let's say tuesday for now, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm server time, does that work?
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grey would be unavailble until 630 just about every tues, so you know. but you could always take someone else to tank.
Current time on tuesday is acceptable.
6.30-7.30 or 8 tues would give us plenty of time to clear the first two or three bosses to easyify our friday/saturdays, plus not be too late for the eastern folkages. I'm a-ok with it.
I am good with 6-8 server time Tues.

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Team Jaba approves! This shall be a success!

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