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Threat Monitor Mod
(So I got to talking with a friend tonight, and he pointed out a mod his guild has started using recently. Apparently their raid leaders are very happy with it. I figured it might be worth looking in to, though I'm not entirely sure how well it works. I'll probably end up going over to his place on a raid night to watch and see.

Anyway, here it is. Take a look.)
I was looking at that a while ago myself. Only thing is we'd need to get everybody using it for it to be really effective.
"You can never run from trouble, 'cause there ain't no place that far." - Scissor Sisters, "Lights"
I use KLH threat meter and have found it helpful.
a cautionary warning, don't trust this implicitly, in the raids i've done i've seen it mislead people straight into pulling aggro, this is especially true of fights where the mob has the abiliity to knock down the threat on players.

Keep your instincts sharp mod or no.
(( I have had this for some time now, and find it especially helpful when I raid with guilds outside of the Tribe. Because I am not familiar with their tanks, it is harder to gauge what one can get away with safely. Using KLH in such cases provides instant feedback, allowing me to dps to maximum potential!

I've seen a direct correlation between being at the top of the Aggro Table and pulling aggro off the warrior. I've also witnessed spectacular hunter feigns which result in the mass death of mages / warlocks next in line! ^_^ The mod works as it should.

I will second Damoxian's word of caution: the information presented by KLH is not absolute, and what you see is changing constantly. Know the abilities of the bosses you are facing! There are many, from the Ravenian to Onyxia, that will knock back a tank thereby lowering their aggro. KLH can be useful in such cases also, allowing you to estimate an aggro gap between yourself and tanks.

I enjoy having it, and feel that the Threat Meter serves as a useful tool for raiding.
It's dependent on CT Raid Assist also. ))
KHL also seems to have a problem when you are dealing with more then 1 mob at a time.
Dual giant pulls lava packs and whatnot.
It works best on boss fights, long fights on a single target with many players on the same target.

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