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Thorium Brotherhood Rep and Enchanting
Are there any guild enchanters who are seeking/approaching Revered with the Brotherhood for the purpose of obtaining the Mighty Intellect enchant? I have had the intent of seeking this with Naruth since I began seriously leveling her, but if there is another in the guild who is trying, I would prefer to send any items which increase rep to them, rather than divide our efforts, since this is such a daunting task. Big Grin
I know that both Eveline and Saltin have Honored reputation and have made some progress toward Revered, but I believe it is still a long way off for either of them. You might want to speak with them in game to see about focussing efforts.

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What can you turn in to increase rep with them? I can keep an eye out and send in what I have as well.
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I am currently about a quarter of the way to revered.. It is slow progress but eventually we will get there :wink:
How far along is Naruth? If she has made decent progress, the Tribe may be well served by sending her the items she needs to get the reputation. Once it's achieved, we'll at least have one person with that MIghty Intellectual thing.

Though I wonder why anyone would want increased INT when you have a solid axe and muscle at your side.

Silly casters.

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