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Thok nutshell guide
Thok is the last boss in wing 3. He's a giant devilsaur holding three friendly NPCs captive. We will free these three NPCs during the fight. Unfortunately for them, as soon as they are free Thok will eat them, obtaining their abilities and using them against the raid.

This fight has two, alternating phases. One phase stays the same, while the other is slightly different each time.

Phase One

This is the phase the fight starts in. During this phase we much fight Thok and deal with his abilities, which vary each time we're in this phase depending on which NPC he just ate.

Basic abilities

* Fearsome Roar: Frontal Cone of Shadow damage. Applies a stacking debuff (increases damage taken by 25% for each stack). Requires a tank swap.
* Tail Lash: tail attack with stun.
* Shock Blast: Nature damage to a random raid member
* Deafening Screech: Raid-wide damaging ability and spell interrupt. He casts this more frequently as Phase One goes on (his resource bar indicates when he'll cast it next)
* Bloodied: Debuff received when players go below 50% health. It has no effect at all, but when a minimum number of raid members have this debuff (5 in the 10-man, 15 in the 25-man) with this debuff are within 10 yards of one another, Thock will enter Phase Two.

Phase One Strategy

* To trigger Phase Two, enough members must get the Bloodied debuff (which they get by being below 50% health) and stack up.
* The raid should stack up in all Phase One variations, except when we free Montak (the last guy). Stacking up makes the raid easy to heal, and we'll automatically push Thok into Phase Two when raid damage gets so high that enough people reach 50% health. The goal is to prolong Phase One if we can so we can get him down further before he gets more abilities, but we will need to push him into Phase Two once the Deafening Screeches become too much. Recommendation: use defensive cooldowns once the interval between Deafening Screeches drops to 7 seconds.
* We'll always stand to Thok's side to avoid the tail behind and the breath attack in front.
* The off-tank must stay outside the frontal cone attack until it's time to taunt.
* Healers must be ready to heal the large amount of raid damage from Deafening Screech. Use raid cooldowns as the frequency increases. Watch out for the spell interrupt.

After Thok eats an NPC, his Fearsome Roar (tank attack) and Shock Blast (attack on a random raid member) will be replaced with similar abilities.

Phase One abilities after eating Akolik

* Acid Breath: frontal cone of Nature damage + stacking debuff (-20% armor per stack). Requires a tank swap.
* Corrosive Blood: Nature damage + 30-second DoT on random raid members.

Akolik Strategy Identical to the basic Phase One. Watch out for the DoT.

Phase One abilities after eating Gorai

* Freezing Breath: frontal cone of Frost damage. Applies a stacking debuff. At 5 stacks the player will become frozen in a tomb of ice that must be destroyed to free the player. Being trapped deals 5% of total health in damage every 2 seconds. Players can be healed in the tomb. Tank swap.
* Icy Blood: Frost damage + 15-second DoT on random players. If players get 5 stacks they become frozen in a tomb of ice that does 5% total health damage every 2 seconds and must be broken. Players can be healed in the tomb. The tombs don't affect nearby players so stacking is still a good strategy.

Gorai Strategy: Mostly the same as basic Phase One. BUT, healers will have to pay special attention to players with Icy Blood especially when Deafening Screech is being cast. Next, DPS will have to kill ice tombs quickly.

Phase One abilities after eating Montak
* Scorching Breath: frontal cone of Fire damage. Applies a stacking DoT of moderate fire damage. Tank swap.
* Burning Blood: fire damage to random raid members and places a fiery void zone at their feet.

Montak Strategy: Similar to Phase One, with one difference: the fiery void zones make it impossible to stack up. This makes healing harder and requires coordination to have the raid gather up to get him out of Phase One. Thok will need to be moved during this phase, too.

Phase Two

Transition phase during which Thok cannot be tanked. He fixates on random raid members instead. During this phase we must free one of the three friendly NPCs (Akolik, Gorai, or Montak -- this is the best order), at which point Thok will kill them and the phase will end. Then we'll re-enter Phase One, and Thok's Phase One abilities will be influenced by the NPC he just ate.


* Fixate: Thok will fixate on a random raid member and chase them for 12 seconds. Then he'll change targets. During this entire phase his speed increases so that after a while it becomes impossible to outrun him.
* Blood Frenzy: During this phase Thok is affected by Blood Frenzy which causes him to deal LETHAL damage to any players who are in a short cone in front of him, LIKE THE SNAILS.

As soon as this phase starts, a Kor'kron Jailer add will appear. He has no real abilities. Upon his death, he drops a key. This key is used to unlock one of the tree cages in the room, which are holding those three NPCs. The player who loots the key is free to unlock any door they choose. As soon as the cage is open the NPC will step out and perform a short role-playing segment after which they will get eaten by Thok, and Phase One starts immediately after that.


* Move away from Thok immediately.
* If you're targeted run from the boss in a predictable direction.
* The rest of the raid must stay out of Thok's path.
* One strategy is to set raid markers at two locations of the room, about 50 yards apart, and have Thok kited between these two locations. The first player takes Thok to location A, while the other raid members should prepare to take him to B when they get fixated, and so on. This allows the rest of the raid free access to the rest of the room.
* The Jailer should be picked up by the tanks as soon as he spawns, and all DPS should focus on him. After this, a designated player will loot the key and open the right cage.
* It is possible to DPS Thok during this phase, at the expense of prolonging the phase, but it's best to end the phase as quickly as possible.

We'll use bloodlust at the start of the fight.


* Tank Thok so that neither his head or tail face the raid.
* Tank swap.
* If you're not taking stay out of the frontal cone attack until it's your turn to taunt.
* Pick up and tank the Jailer during Phase Two

* Be prepared to heal increasing raid-wide damage from Deafening Screech.
* Make sure NOT to be casting when Deafening Screech goes off.
* Be aware of the combined damage of Deafening Screech and Shock Blast or the ability that replaces it in each Phase One.

* DPS Thok
* Kill the ice tombs we get after Gorai dies
* Kill the Jailer

Avoid being in front or behind the boss
* Kite Thok in a sensible direction if you're being focused in Phase Two.
* Beware of the fiery void zones after Montak dies.

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