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Theme song!
Yo we all know that we listen to some music as we go around trashing monsters, wasting places like the core and ubers and even nuking allience. but a bigger question is do you have a certain song for a character that just gets you in that butt kicking mood that can also give everyone an idea of their personality? here is mine >Smile

Battle theme: I am (all i am) by Crush 40

Normal theme: Nothing else matters by Metallica

now this is just for my main. havent thought about my many many alts. but do feel free to post your characters theme songs as well Big Grin
For some reason, the 2 songs I think of have to do with other games Tongue
Filiminjaru: Normal Theme: Civ 4 intro song.
Battle Theme: C&C: Red Alert theme song.
Battle Theme: "Hail and Kill" by Manowar. Wink Although I've started enjoying "Primo Victoria" by Sabaton..
((When I'm Fighting it out in the Gulch or the Basin, heck anywhere for that matter. I play, Cowboy Bebop Music
-Bad Dog No Biscuit
-N.Y. Rush
-What Planet is This
-Too Good Too Bad
Those are some of my favorites.

The Mortal Kombat song also pops in from time to time. I use Soundtrack to Orchestrate me life. It's all mostly Cowboy Bebop Music, mix with various other Game Music from Zelda and such. Big Grin

If you haven't tried Soundtrack it's a really fun little add on, you replace all the warcraft music you want. Any area you want, you can personalize the music with your own MP3s. It also allows music for thing like PvP fights, fighing NPCs depending on level. Play music when on your mount (I use "Farewell to Cheyenne, from Once Apon a Time in the West, and the them to the A-Team) and when you are flying (I use the them from the never ending story Tongue and call my wyverns Falcor!) You can have music when you die and Music running back to your corpse. (I play the ending them from Zelda when I die, and Liberi Fatali from FF8 when running back) Now I'm rambleing, time to go Confusedhock: Soundtrack FTW!))

Tae: Creole Lady Marmalade! (see Troll Lady Shillatae by Dispaya in the Salty Sailor) : )
"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
Final Battle from the Van Helsing soundtrack. Ultimate villain music.
Dezna Wrote:I use "Farewell to Cheyenne, from Once Apon a Time in the West,

Love that.

Despite requests and comments to the contrary, Amato's theme song is not Girls, nor is it anything to do with elves. All of the theme songs I list for my characters represent something intrinsic to their nature. Currently I have two for each of my mains, though most of you have never met my Pally.

Amato - AC/DC's Stiff Upper Lip and Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear the Reaper

Paladin - Shinedown's Simple Man and VnV Nation's Beloved

These are just a few songs stuck on the huge playlist I usually keep on while playing, ranging from popular music to semi-obscure industrial, video game remixes to original classical scores.

My new Blood Elf, whenever they get around to finally releasing the expansion, might steal one of those songs from my Paladin. Though his music will likely be more along the lines of The Offspring's Have You Ever or Eve6's Promise. I won't know until I start to play him.
Well, when I PvP (If I ever do) Nevlag's music would be System of a Downs "Needles" or "Deer Dance"

When I'm raiding, its Slayers "Here comes the pain", "Payback" or "Exile"

And when I'm just running around, by far it's John Cena's "If it all ended tomorrow"
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My theme song is "getting Away with Murder"
Bloodsail, and proud.
Led Zeppelin's "The Battle of Evermore" is a definite favorite for adventuring.

This reminds me of one of my favorite features of Final Fantasy XI. You were actually able to change all the in-game music to whatever you wanted. I ended up using the Final Fantasy: Tactics soundtrack for most of it.
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