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The test of skulls
Are there adventurers willing to take up arms and attack challenge with a vengeance?
Do you have the courage to face enormous and dangerous dragons?
Does the fire burn inside you, looking to conquer?
Then join me and fear not! We will slay the mighty beasts and take what is rightfully ours.

<kicked to the top>

Where are you guys with this? Anyone still need to do it?

I do.... looking for some help........
Thanks for bumping this: Zinthas will need to do this as soon as she talks to the red Drake, she got her disguise amulet tonight. We'll get a group together asap.
I need to do two of the three... I've got Scryer's skull. However, I will be going away for much of the rest of the month starting... Thursday morning.
This was not really that hard of a quest (if you have a spoiled teleporting mage)

I've just completed Test of Skulls and would like to thank:
Shillatae, Krell, Uleib, and Felegund for basically walking through this thing as if it were nothing at all.

The total time it took to do all 4 dragons was 1 hour 43 mins which included roughly 30 to 40 mins of AFK time.

the really ironic shocker is that I did this with 2 hunters.

go figure.

The real key is to have a spoiled teleporting mage with you. If you start in Org, collect your group, fly to Tanaris (kill chornalis), portal back to Org, Fly to Winterspring (kill Scryer), portal to Org, zep to Grom'Gol, fly to Swamp of Sorrow (kill somnus), portal to Org, fly to Duskwallow, do turn in (you are looking at about an hour.

You can then portal everyone to UC and fly to Hammerfal - Arathi, hoof it to Wetlands, Finish up the 4th dragon (Axorus -sp?) in another 30 mins.

Total time to do test of skulls should take about an hour and a half.

I'm happy to be the portal biatch for anyone that wants to do this quest.

whisper me, I'll do my best to help.


P.S. Now it's off to UBRS for drak's blood
Hunters are great on these because of the manaless ranged DPS -- they don't get hit by the breath attacks while applying damage, so the healer only has to handle the tank. Important when there is only one healer.

It was a fun time. : )

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