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The state of Ironsong MC
Greetings, Tribe!

This is Shillatae, posting on behalf of the Tribe leadership with an update on our MC raid. Great work so far everyone! We truly appreciate the level of care, dedication and effort that everyone has put into this raid to have it pushing so far so fast. Keep up the good work. That said, we are going to refocus discussion around here onto more productive topics.

To start, I want to thank everyone who has posted, PMed, or whispered their comments, concerns, criticisms, compliments and all the rest to us over the last few weeks. All of this information is grist for the mill and just the sort of info that we work hard to take under advisement when we are creating plans and procedures for the Tribe. As of now the threads on proposed changes to our MC raid's operations will be archived for later reference should further deliberations become necessary. This is not intended to chill expression: Please continue to bring your concerns to the Tribe leadership via in-game conversation and mail or personal message on the website here. We merely feel that it is best to close public debate on these topics as it has grown unproductive at this point. For reference, Kosath and Akora are the primary leads for MC though all officers participate in decisionmaking on raid issues via consensus.

In response to these issues, I will follow with the Tribe leadership's current stance and procedures on the following:

1.Invites - The Ironsong MC raid will be formed by Akora or a designated alternate. Akora will first invite a small core of raid leaders (Kosath et. al.), followed by everyone present and available who has previously been waitlisted for an MC raid. Those names will then be removed from the waitlist and Akora will continue by filling the rest of the raid in as balanced a manner as possible given available Tribe members. Finally, anyone who was ready and willing but through no fault of their own unable to attend due to lack of space will be added to the waitlist and given a roll adjustment of +5 in compensation. Akora will be keeping a spreadsheet tracking attendance over time to help make sure that no individual is waitlisted disproportionately often relative to their class/role.

2.Loot - Ironsong MC will continue to use the weighted rolling system as posted in the Molten Core subforum here. I will add a warning about the practice of "saving" one's roll for a specific item. Know that this can backfire and that the purpose of the weighted rolls is not to serve as a tool to improve one's chances of winning any specific item but rather to help improve an individual's odds of winning some item over time. You will be most successful in the Core in terms of epic loot if you are not overly attached to any one specific potential drop and instead roll on various items of use to you as you see them. Remember also that any item defaulted to you because others already possess it still resets your roll. I am not suggesting that the occasional pass of an item to someone else is in any way frowned upon, rather I merely warn of the dangers of this tactic.

3.Alts - Ironsong Tribe members are welcome to bring any appropriate attuned character to the MC raid that they would like to play on a given occasion. For some the distinction "alt" vs. "main" is fuzzy at best and to a few it has no real meaning at all. Neither so-called alts nor mains will be given any special preference nor penalty. There are personal advantages and disadvantages to focusing on one character vs. more than one character and we leave it up to the individual. Also, no one with multiple characters should feel obligated to bring any specific character to the raid on a given occasion. While attempting to help with perceived imbalances is appreciated it is not required. If you prefer to play your other character, whatever it may be, you are welcome to show up. If the raid is full for that class/role and you don't want to switch that is perfectly fine, I hope there will be no hard feeling on either side. I will say that one of the potential advantages to having multiple characters is just that flexibility however. Still, other drawbacks remain. Also don't assume that if you were waitlisted with your main, and want to attend MC with your Alt, that the MC inviter will recognize your Main-Alt relationship.

4.Weapons - Ironsong's Tribe leaders are currently revising and clarifying the portion of our loot procedures that deal with MC epic weapon distribution. We recognize that it has been somewhat unclear and unevenly applied and we apologize for that. In simplest terms the intent was "priority on MC epic weapons go to Tribe members of approriate role (melee/ranged/caster) who have not previously won an MC epic weapon, else open roll by those who could use it." Our revised procedure will be posted soon once it is completed. In the meantime know that there are not hard feelings toward anyone who has won or rolled on epics weapons to date: Congratulations to you all - we've had 20 weapons drop so far and more come rolling in each week.

5.Wednesday vs. Friday - Some have expressed a concern that there may be members who attempt to avoid the Wednesday runs against the earlier bosses in order to improve their chances of joining us on Friday for later battles. I suspect this will not be much of an issue. Someone who skipped Wednesday entirely is not waitlisted and does not have any special priority on Friday, so showing up one day and not the other really doesn't "beat the system" in any way. Nonetheless, Akora and Kretol's respective raid tracking should make anyone attempting to in some way "beat the system" fairly obvious to us, unlikely as it is, and we will be watching. Note that there are some who for scheduling reasons simply can rarely make one day or another of the raid and this is perfectly understandable as far as we are concerned.

Again, thank you all so much for your concern, effort, and care in these matters. Know that we are listening and working to make Ironsong the most enjoyable and positive community for our Tribe as possible. We've been extraordinarily successful by any measure and have a sterling reputation on Silver Hand as a result. Together we will defeat Majordomo Executus and Ragnaros in the same way that we defeated Upper Blackrock Spire so long ago, Hakkar, Onyxia, Kurinnaxx and all of Ragnaros' Lieutenants in the Core to date: The Ironsong way.

Your Priestess,
"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris

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