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The one addon you must have
I know some people are morally opposed to addons or mods of any kind, but this is one that all of you really should invest in.

Its called Catalyst, and what it does is reduce the load time of instances by almost 90%. So when you are running back from the graveyard to save the day in Ahn'Qiraj you can actually get in the instance before everyone else has died, hearthed out and had a dinner party.

The addon can be found here:


And has a dependency (meaning it needs) this other lil mod.


For those that do not know how to install a mod, here's what you do. Download the two addons. Now go to your directory you installed Warcraft to. (For me that it C:/program file/world of warcraft). Open your interface folder and then open the addon folder. Now unzip both of the files you downloaded and move each of the folders in the zips to the addon directory. Poof, you are now modded.


~Flu, Queen of Excessive Modding
<follows Efluvia straight to modding hell> Darn you! I must have this!
Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby
Dosen't require the other addon now either, neat. Will have to give it a go.
And to all that dont like addons.. You'll give in with neat stuff like this, eventually. :twisted:
Tried it. Didnt change anything for me, just counted the seconds of my zoning :evil:
Zinthas Wrote:Tried it. Didnt change anything for me, just counted the seconds of my zoning :evil:
Didn't make much of a difference for me either.
It may be that the people that will notice the greatest difference are those with a hefty load of mods. Catalyst has litterally reduced my load time by 90%. Loading Ahn'Qiraj or the Core takes a tiny fraction of the time it normally took.

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