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The next TWO weeks. A reminder.
Due to the RL moot next weekend, Canadian thanksgiving the weekend thereafter and school starting back up, I won't be around for the next two Karazhan clears. I'm at the point that dearly needs a break from it all and choosing to take the full two weeks off ahead and bow out on Tuesdays as well seems the best option for my general sanity. With Zeengo, Gio, Az and Kaltessa, you lot should be quite alright.

Enjoy the Prince's dang healing weapon when it inevitably finally drops in my absence. :p

Providing you a bit less of a doomed Karazhan,
Too weeks, huh? Wink See you after your holiday!
Apparently, I'm such a good rogue that I should become a tank.
[Image: 216215SneNF.png]

I be huntin' rabbits!
[Image: 216222NVlZD.png]
dangit. and thanks. :">
Too weaks?
noes, two!

i'ma noob and it was late.


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