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The fading Light......
*Eruadan sits at his desk, quill in hand staring blankley at the parchment sitting in front of him. Many thoughts flowing through his head. He breaths in and begins to write...*

To Ironsong,

It pains me that I must write these words. I have been with you for many moons, fought many battles, seen many come and go, and now, I fear that it is my time to leave. I go to find the light within myself, the Light burns ever so brightly when I am with you all, but alone I am filled with an unknown darkness and I know not why. I have made many commitments to my tribesmates that I must break and for that I feel a great guilt in doing so.

To the mighty Blademaster Kosath and my friends in Entourage. It is time I leave you all. I have fought with you many a time and have seen great successes. It is my wish that you will continue to endeavour to aid the younger members of the tribe in the art of fighting as a team. As an old member leaves, a newer, younger member must step in to take his place. Ironsong has many healers, all of which posses the power to keep you all well within dangerous places. Please forgive my leaving, but I must do this.

To Jabadue, the mighty Champion of Ironsong. It has been short lived, our journey's into Serpentshrine cavern have been a great success. We have bested a great beast that dwells in boiling waters. Slowly we continue to learn to defeat the other denizens in order to make the tribe stronger. You have done Ironsong a great service in your leadership. I must break my promise to be there for the tribe on the days of our journeys into the cavern. I feel a great guilt in having to do this but this is something I must do.

To my tribesmates, I have truly enjoyed your company. You are all part of the great Light that I feel when I am among you. Thoughts of you will forever be imprinted in my mind for I shall never forget any of you. Be well and I shall miss you all while I am away.

I will continue to be with you for just more than a week as I make preperations for my journey to find the light that fills the darkness that I am experiencing. Enough time for me to see you all one last time. I will return when the time is right...

*Eruadan fills the quill with holy light and signs his name*

Eruadan, Priest and Lord of Smite's

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