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The departure of Kernasas
As Kernasas finished writing the words on the parchment, he set his quill down and reread the words he had scrawled onto the paper.

Friends & family-

As I sit to write this letter to my family of Ironsong, I ponder all the changes I have bared witness to over the many moons since I became part of this tribe. From having met a kind druid named Fleethoof to being introduced to the whole of the tribe at one of the moots we have. The kindness shown by Lady Eveline in helping me with my art, the generosity of Shillatae in providing me with supplies to further my tailoring craft, the companionship of Merrina, the wisdom of Damoxian, the ale & adventure with Rawne, and all of the other tribe mates have opened my eyes to the true beauty of Azeroth.

But, the festivities at the burning of the Wickerman near the Ruins of Lordaeron have left a taste in mouth (for all I can taste), which is sour and pungent. I stand conflicted, no…confused as to who I am, who I was, and why I am a warlock. How can I be saddened over the murder of innocents yet master the art of summoning demons? Why is it I see beauty in the world but only deal in death?

With that, I have made the decision to learn more about whom I was before I became one of the Forsaken. I remember very little other than I came from near Stormwind City. Long and tiring will the journey be but I must do it to understand more about my life before I became Kernasas.

Thank you friends for accepting me for who I am. I do not know who I will be by learning that I was. It could scare my soul further or destroy me.

Farewell and safe journeys to you.

Once the ink was dry, he folded the paper into a letter and reached for the wax sitting on the desk. Warming it over the candle illuminating his workspace, he allowed the wax to drip onto the dry parchment in front of him. Quickly, Kernasas reached for the stamp and placed it into the still drying wax to leave his seal on the letter.

Flipping it over, Kern (as his friends called him) wrote in elegant penmanship the name of the addressee on the front: Merrina

Merrina was his trusted friend in all of the Ironsong Tribe. He had bonded with her during an adventure into the depths of <dungeon>. His bond with the troll huntress had only increased over the months; her showering him with kindness, him cooking food for her.

“They will understand why I must do thisâ€Â
As Merrina read the letter she received from Kernasas, tears filled her eyes. She knew he was already gone, knew why she hadn't seen him for a day or two. She worried about where his journey would take him, that he was alone, and what he might find. She would have gone with him, had he asked. Some journeys, especially painful ones, needed friends, support. She knew others in the Tribe felt the same way.

Why, she wondered, did it all have to be so hard? She understood the driving need Kern felt to remember his life before. But she also knew, that sometimes there were no answers. Brooding, she walked away from the mailbox, in Orgrimmar, where she made her home. She walked to the flight tower, she needed to think about this, and how to break it to the Tribe that another Tribemate was away. She flew to Un'Goro. She always thought better surrounded by the lush trees and plants that grew there.

She found a great tree to shield her, and sitting down, began to organize her thoughts. She remembered Kern when he first came to the Tribe: so quiet, so reserved. She smiled as she remembered the adventures that had cemented their friendship. She thought of his humor, his wit, and his desire to help other Tribe members.

"How," she said aloud, "do I tell the Tribe?"
Upon reading her friends note, Dispaya was saddened that she had returned from her own journey much too late to see him or to offer words of comfort, yet, she never doubted why he needed to go. Her father would have said, "Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril," and indeed he was right. She had often told her tribemates that "you must understand where you have come from in order to know where you are going." She knew Kern would need to find his own path in the world and had no doubt that he would.

In silence, she walked to the Undercity canal and kissed Kern's note before dropping it into the calm green ichor. She then watched as it slowly drifted away with the current.


"Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril. When you are ignorant of the enemy, but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril." - Sun Tzu
Sing True Ironsong!
Last night saw the rescue of Kernasas from the Scarlets of the Plaguelands. I was finally able to lend a hand to my tribemates over the incident and I was most honored. I am very relieved that Kern is safely out of the hands of those wretches. Sing True Ironsong!


((ooc) Thanks so much Kern. It was one of the best mini-events I have participated in and it fit well into Dispaya's story as well. I can tell you put alot of work into it. Thanks for the fun! Nicely done!))
Sing True Ironsong!
((OOC: I'm so sorry that I missed out on this, I had already committed myself to a group when it began, or I would have been there with bells on, as Zema has a MAJOR dislike for the Scarlets...to the point of being some of the only beings on all of Azeroth that she will attack -first- and violently...but it's wonderful to hear that everyone had fun! Thank you for the entertainment in guild chat! I very much enjoyed being able to listen in.))

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