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The demise of the Attunemen, Moroes, and more!
Earlier in the week, you may have heard of the demise of the Attunemen and his not so trusty horse. Loot is as follows:

[item]Whirlwind Bracers[/item] - Wakaraina
[item]Gauntlets of Renewed Hope[/item] - Anathamon

We also downed some wierd dog thing and an annoying bat. They dropped some items that aren't really worth mentioning, but they dropped!

After another few attempts, or some might say, a little more than a few, we finally got Moroes. Don't ask me what a rogue is doing in the dining room/servant's quarters. It must be a rogue thing. I do have proof however!

[Image: Moroesdead.jpg]

After that hard work, we had to wait for our armor to be repaired, so we sat down to enjoy a feast:

[Image: Wowtable.jpg]

Then we partied... atleast... I did.

[Image: Tabledance.jpg]

Rogues do steal somethings worthwhile!

[item]Emerald Ripper[/item] - Lucrenda
[item]Crimson Girdle of the Indomitable[/item] - Serous

Congratulations to everyone, I know I had tons of fun myself.
The Result of me being bored.
[Image: interestingtest.jpg]
Kilro Wrote:Don't ask me what a rogue is doing in the dining room/servant's quarters. It must be a rogue thing.
Noob. Moroes is the tower steward, and he's entertaining the guests, I suppose!

For anyone interested on the lore with Moroes (as I always am with most NPCs/locations in the game):
<i>In The Last Guardian, Moroes was described as Medivh's castellan, or personal house servant. He was an oddly thin man, ghostly in appearance, who wore horse blinders over his eyes in order to escape the wandering visions that plagued Medivh's tower. He described to Khadgar (who had traveled from Dalaran to serve as Medivh's apprentice) how he had seen a vision of him breaking one of Cook's crystal dishes and - despite trying to avoid doing so - ended up shattering it anyway; he wore the blinders until the day he died. He was killed by Medivh in the final stages of his madness, and is now buried beside his master and Cook outside of Karazhan.</i>
zomygod, good job!

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