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The Truth
Faeriel waited alone in her apartment in Silvermoon. Her Mother would come to visit soon and then she would know the truth.

Warlord Sreng had told her that her mother was turned. He told her that she would have to face the truth. Her mother was now Scourge.

Mother had been visiting...every so often...and they talked about so many things. She could not remember what they had talked about...her memories were foggy...she was tired. Gods...she was so tired.

She rose and poured herself a glass of wine. Taking a sip she sensed her mothers presence at the window behind her. Did she usually come to the window? She could not remember.

"Come in mother."

The wraith that was once Bellethiel floated in silently where it solidified taking on the appearance of it's former self.

"Greetings daughter."

"I met with Warlord Sreng as you asked."

"Wonderful...you gave him my message?"

"I did."

"How delightful. I shall look forward to seeing him again soon. Such a...delightful troll...and so well mannered...for a barbarian."

"He told me something."


"He told me you are dead."

Bellethiel raised an eyebrow. "Indeed. Do I look dead to you daughter?"

Faeriel turned to face her mother.


"You must not concern yourself with such things. Sreng has been through so much lately...he is not himself. Come here."

Faeriel approached her mother slowly. Bellethiel put out her arms and pulled her daughter close.

"There there...that is my good girl....such a good girl."

"What is the truth Mother?"

"The truth? The only truth you need to know is that I love you daughter. I have come to take you away with me tonight. We will not be seperated again."

Faeriel drew back and presented her priests holy symbol at her mother's face. Bellethiel flinched her eyes a bit but otherwise did not seem affected.

"Oh come now...is that really necessary?"

"What is the truth Mother?"

"the truth is only what you need to believe daughter. Now...just put that ...down."

She reached out with her mind. Faeriel was weak and obeyed. She was so tired. Her arm dropped like a lead weight. The symbol dropped to the floor.

"You are weak now...but soon you will be strong again. Soon you will be stronger than ever you could imagine."

Bellethiel reached out with her hand...and took her daughter by the throat. Faeriel dropped to her knees as her life force slowly began to drain away.
Sing True Ironsong!
The apartment door opened with a SLAM!

"Unhand the girl!" Eruadan strode forward and pointed at Bellethiel, his own holy symbol in hand.

Bellethiel spat at the priest. "The girl is mine...you cannot save her priest!"

Naruth of the Forsaken next stepped into the room behind him.

"Unhand her...we command you!"

Holy light began to fill the room. The Scourge began to weaken her hold on Faeriel. The elf girl finally slumped to the floor uncontious.

Belestra of Silvermoon next stepped forward.

"It would appear you were right Eruadan. There are Scourge in our midst."

Together the three strode forward confidently. Bellethiel began to flinch and slowly back away. The three stood between her and her daughter. Bellethiel spat curses at all of them.

"You were once one of us sister..." Belestra spoke. "...but no longer. I cast you out. All invitations to our city are now revoked. You are no longer welcome here."

"Do you think anything you do can stop us priest? Your powers are nothing compared to he who rules all in the North. Soon he is coming for you! Soon you will fall before us!"

"But not today." Eruadan stated. He waved his arms. The three joined hands in tandem. Holy light filled the room.

The thing that was once Ambassador Bellethiel screamed in pain!
It then split into four shadows and vanished into the 4 corners of the room.

Belestra stepped forward and closed the window with a blessing.

"There...the thing cannot cross her threshold again. Thank you friends."

Eruadan and Naruth bowed with respect then turned to tend to the girl.

Eruadan picked up Faeriel and cradled her in his arms.

Naruth examined her. "She will recover...a few more minutes and we may have been too late."

Belestra nodded. "Our priests will make rounds and seal the city against her. Bellethiel will not be able to enter Silvermoon again. Faeriel will be safe here for now."

Naruth nodded. "Yes she will be safe for now...but she will not be staying in the city forever....and when she leaves we will not always be there to protect her."

"She knows the truth now." Eruadan said. "The truth sometimes is all the protection one needs."

Sing True Ironsong!
((*claps* Very nice! Faerial is saved then? I have to start learning about everyone's pasts. Some are very interesting to me since it would greatly affect Melikar's reactions depending on who he was talking too.

Once again, nice work!))
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Faeriel is safe ...for now...
but there is still one more chapter coming... *smiles*

Sing True Ironsong!
The shade watched from outside the window as the events took place inside the room. It could have entered. It could have possibly interfered with the events that transpired, but it remained motionless, watching from its post.

The shade let out a low growl as the scourge seized the young girl by the throat. It wanted to help the girl. It wanted to strike down the scourge, but the events had gone too far. The shade could do nothing but watch. Moments before, it could have entered the room, posing to be a member of the scourge and turned Bellethiel away, but it did not. Now the shade could only watch.

When the girl was finally safe the shade slipped away once more, hidden in the light and invisible in the darkness. For now, things were safe. For now the shade could get some rest. For now, the shade could return from whence it came.
Hidden by the light and invisible in darkness. The shade simply is and is not.

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