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The Treasury and The Value of Things
The Tribal Treasury (or guild bank) is primarily for equipping, enchanting, gemming, etc. members of the tribe with items and materials that they cannot easily attain themselves. It is *not* a source for materials to level your trade skills. We were all peons once, we can gather items for ourselves and others, do not be greedy and help the tribe prosper. That's why we learn gathering skills.

Items and gold represent time invested. If you cannot put in the time to gather items to level your tradeskills yourself you should not be using other peoples' time to level them for you.

There are enough people in the guild with a wide enough range of skills that we can be self-sufficient and provide ourselves with any item reasonably attainable with crafting already. Having one more alchemist or one more blacksmith is not all that helpful to the tribe, and people do not learn those trades themselves only to help others attain it without doing the work to get there on their own.

All I'm asking is for those with an interest in being a part of this guild to be civic-minded about things. If you want to take a few items to help you craft something don't take so much that there's little left for someone who might need it to adventure. Strive to put more in than you take out. Leave the Tribe richer than it was before you came.

Also, Be aware of the value of things. A stack of TBC herbs is far less valuable than Wrath herbs. If you can get a good price for them on the AH then sell them and buy the herbs you want, or donate the money to the Treasury. Anyone can put stuff into the guild vault, but only as responsible people will we actually add to the Tribe's wealth.
And please please please take some time to put things in their proper places. The tabs are labeled for a reason, and some of us take a lot of time making sure that things are accessible and easy to use.

I know it's a little nitpicky, but moving things from one tab to another uses stacks just like taking things for yourself, so it's physically impossible for me to do all of the organizing I'd like to. If you can at least put things in the right tabs, I can make sure that they get put in some semblance of order.

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