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The Time Has Come
Mamadee looks across the quiet Rotten Luck guild hall at her Knight in Tarnished Armor, Toraver. She has a heavy heart and needs his strength to carry her through once again. “Da silence be deafenin'. It's time, Torry. We canna go on pretendin' dat Rotten Luck be strong enough ta provide people a proper home on Silver Hand. It's true, we have gotten a couple of great new members but dey deserve so much more. Der just not be enough o' us ta make a difference in dis world no more. It be time ta pack our bags and rejoin da bulk o'da guild on The Scryers.”

”Mama, it was hard ta tell those that stayed behind during the migration that we are finally migrating too. What will become of them?” Torry asks with stoic eyes.

"Well, we talked ta as many as we could find in Azeroth, didna we, Torry? We be sendin' da ones dat we canna find in Azeroth one o'dem voodoo e-mails ta try an' let dem know whats happenin'. I spoke wit Kosath from da Iron Song Tribe and dey will be welcomin' dem dat decides ta stay behind again. As much as I be hopin' dat many will follow our lead an' come wit us, dey all stayed here before fer a reason an’ fer most dat reason still holds dem here. I know da Tribe will give dem a fine home ifin dat be what dey decide ta do. But ifin dey dunna wanna join da Tribe or come wit us, I be leavin' me wee Faoinngrian here ta keep an eye out fer me Rottens here. He be lettin' me know ifin dey need me by sendin' along any mail or messages he be gettin' in Azeroth. I be lettin' him know what ta do by way o'da Spirits. I hopes I hear from me friends in da Tribe dat way too. So da rest o' da Silver Hand Rottens be welcome ta stay ifin dey want but I hope few do." sighed Mamadee.

"Who are you taking with you from your clan, Mamadee?" Torry asked.

"I be sendin' all me Rottens except Fao, Torry. Who you be takin' Torry?"

"Well, my swordbearer, Takishi has expressed interest in continued employment with me, so I might want to consider taking him along. As for Nareni, she -"

"-won't be going." piped up a small elf in the corner, her eyes narrowed dangerously upon the gathering. "There's a debt to pay off, and not even that rot bag there can convince me otherwise. 'Sides, I may just gut him out of boredom. You know how those Zepplin flights get."

Mamadee looks around the guild hall at the pictures of great Rottens, past and present. "Da Shamrock be an honor ta wear, Torry. But it shouldna be a burden. Da Silver Hand Rottens have been burdened wit an empty guild hall for too long. As much as we both have friends in other guilds, it na be da same as a real guild hall. It's time ta go home to our family. Dat home just be on da Scryers now."

(( [Mamadee] says: I stayed on Silver Hand to be with Mabs but she has left Azeroth behind her for the most part. My leisure time is limited while I help Mr. D. through his liver transplant. When I do have time to play, I am drawn to The Scryers because I can generally find someone on line. It is important to me to have that support system during this trying time. I have been waiting for Torry to come with me as I didn't see me traveling Azeroth without my Knight in Tarnished Armor. It was also not fair for me to get him into this mess and then bail on him.

[Toraver] says: I believe Mama has pretty much summed up my feelings as well. I have searched for a long time to regain some of the enthusiasm I had of continuing on with the Burning Crusade, and have met with more than one day of staring at the now empty streets of what used to be the cultural hub of the Horde, Orgrimmar. I have strained to catch a familiar face whenever possible, and have been met with many strangers with which I can't relate to as well as the folk here. To be honest, The Ironsong Tribe would be my last bastion of hope, but not being able to wear the Shamrock would dull those feelings. I love them to death, but I can't see myself defecting.

Finally, we want to thank all those in the Tribe who will make our Rottens feel welcome should they decide to come to the Totem. Please check in on those who continue wearing the Shamrock or kept coming back from the Scryers to play clan members on Silver Hand. It has been an honor to share the hunt with you all.))

Mamadee and Toraver
Walk in peace on your chosen path
*Merrina listens to the news, with tears burning in her eyes, but she refuses to let them fall* May the gods protect you, Mama, and Torry, in your new endeavors. While I understand your reasons, it pains me, to see you go. I didn't get to hunt with either of you much, but, I will miss you. Mama, I will think of you, every time I am in an assault on Zul'Gurub. And Torry, the priestess Dannae has spoken of her first memory of you. You were conducting 'tours' of Black Fathoms Deep, while you searched for a cloak. She was with you the day you found it, and it has remained in her mind all this time. Sing true, Rotten Luck, you will not be forgotten!

*Merrina walks out, her head held high, a single tear streaking across her cheek*

((Mama, I would do the same to rejoin the Tribe, so I understand. If there is anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask. Haven't seen you much, and now I understand why. Take care, and who knows, perhaps someone will show up in Orgrimmar, on Sryers,that reminds you of me! I wish you and Torry good times in your new home with your old family. Take care, and may Rotten Luck Follow you always!!


Blademistress of The Ironsong Tribe
Merrina - Troll Huntress
Dannae - Troll Priestess
Aya'Tor - Orc Warlock
Zyndala - Blood Elf Mage
Zerrah - Forsaken Death Knight
I have always been one to counsel against the Tribe having formal alliances. It can be a complicated, dangerous, and political ordeal. In the earliest days, when Eveline presented the idea of going to war with the Gurubashi beside the Rottens, I was very dubious.

And yet the Rottens made the endeavor very enjoyable. Agreements came easily, our foes fell before us, and we became fast friends. Rotten Luck brought a measure of fun and recklessness that helped to take the sharp edges off of my own perfectionistic ways.

In short, the Rottens gave me hope that such an alliance could work when done with the right people and for the right reasons. There is no greater gift than the gift of hope, and for that I will always be grateful.

Go in peace my friends. And should you ever return, we will keep the home fires burning.
Kosath Whitehorn
"The Tribe is my weapon.  I am their shield."
You will me missed Mama - you always had a kind word and a hearty hello to offer. I am better off for having the chance to know you. I bid ye all safe travels - and if ye are ever in need, my sword is yours to summon.

We always got a place for ya here wit' us. I always gonna remember me times wit' de Rottens as some o' de happiest time spent on Azeroth. Zul'gurub an' de Core was no match for our combined might. Gonna miss ya all, good luck wit' what ya do!
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]

I am sad to see you go. I will miss you and yes, even Boris. But, I am happy that you are going home. I know everyone will be excited to see you. Know that you always have a home within the Tribe. We will never forget you.

Huzzah Rotten Luck!
Huzzah Ironsong Tribe!

Fair winds and short roads on your journey.

Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby
Mamadee sits in her favorite chair in da Rottens Scryers guild hall listening ta all da banter from da crowd an' da clank o'da rum mugs wit a smile on her face. Her unpackin' be just about done. Her clan be all decked out in der Shamrocks, even wee Koomi an' Rashemi. She nods across da guild hall at her Knight in Tarnished Armor, Toraver, wit a silly grin on her face. Da battles have been fast an' furious since her migration. She has seen some place in da Outlands dat she never saw before. Da rust an' cobwebs of inactivity be slowly recedin' an' she feels younger den she has felt in a long time. She learned a new alchemy recipe ta boot! Boris has even lost a wee bit o'weight now dat he has ta work fer a livin' again.

But she lets out a deep sigh when she tinks o'her wee Faoinngrian, holdin' down da fort on Silver Hand. He is so young ta have such responsibility. Den she see da face o'each Rotten she needed ta leave behind, all very dear ta her. An' den der be her friends in da Tribe. Wonderful people all an' an honor ta know an' hunt beside. She willna ever be able ta repay da honor dey showed her by acceptin' any Rottens who hunger for a lively guild hall but werena free ta migrate as she was. She is humbled by dis love an' honor da Tribe shows her an' all Rottens.

Da fire warms her body like da memories o'Silver Hand warm her soul. She prays both ta Tannaa's Earth Mother an' Tevye's great god Ytidiputs dat all find what dey seek in Azeroth. Dat be her strongest wish as she rocks an' watches da fire slowly burn down ta embers fer da night.

She hopes da spirits carry her thoughts ta dem left behind. Battle wit honor Tribe, until we meet again. Look in on me Rottens once in a while ifin ya can.
Walk in peace on your chosen path

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