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The Testament of Irasis the Outsider
Throm'ka, Ironsong.

I have come to you as Irasis, bearing no previous title or allegiance. I come from the outskirts as a moth is drawn to a flame, attracted to the light and heat. The officers of the Tribe have seen it fit to initiate me into this family. As I am called, so I go. I place this letter on the totem as a public testament, to say what I cannot speak. This is my Testament to the Tribe. The Testament of Irasis the Outsider.

I present myself to you, my Tribemates, as the Outsider now included. I have attended no moots, though I have tried my arrival was always too late. Many of you do not know me. That shall change. Some do not know that I cannot speak. Do not be offended by my silence, it is as a part of me as my hand or foot. Do not look away when I stare at you, for I desire to know you. This Tribe. My Tribe. My purpose and most somber responsibility. Nowhere will you find an equal to my loyalty.

You are my Tribe; I pledge myself to you. I speak now to each Tribemate, you are mine to protect. You are mine to defend. Your life is more valuable than my own, and I will be destroyed before I see you come to harm. This I will vow, in the presence of the War Lord, the Priestess, and the Farseers of the Tribe, a triumvirate force of near holy import, when the time comes. Yet even before that formality, my loyalty is given. It is as solid as stone, as boundless as the sky, as strong as the sea. I will not fail.

I am yours, Tribe. It is my duty to do as you require. I shall bear any burden , endure any hardship, face any pain, do any deed in your service. Outsider still, but Wander no more, alone, yet part of the greater whole, I am. I do not seek glory or honor; wealth or fame. Only to serve as I can; my arm and will are yours. I am your tool; use me as you see fit. And when it is over, and the time has come, weep not for my absence, for in this I have done at least once worthy thing

Lok'Tar Ogar, Ironsong.

Outsider and honor bound,


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