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The Telling of the Lorekeeper
*A large gray and white tauren in robes of green and brown sat down slowly next to the fire. His eyes peered thoughtfully around at the faces, most of which he had seen before. He drew a heavy breath and with a grandfatherly smile began to speak*

Ishne'alo porah, I am Wicasa Lorekeeper. I am Tauren, Bloodhoof Tribe. Many moons I have walked the wonderful wilds, plains. Many are the rivers I have swum and drank from. In my culture, I was born and in Tauren custom given a name. Wicasa was what I was called. Our ways are that of the ancestors, and always have been. Tauren come of age, when female can give birth, and if male we begin to grow our loats, or beards as some races may say. It is in this sacred time that our second name is given. One that comes from notable deed, physical attribute, or attitude.

As a child, always I asked, always I wondered and always I listened. We Ishu'halo have a saying that it takes but one hour to sit at your grandfather’s knee and learn, or you can spend a lifetime making mistakes instead. I spent my youth at the knee of many elders. They had stories, and knew much. They taught me of the Spirits. They spoke of the ancestors. They showed me through their lives what was good for the Tribe, and what should be avoided. I learned the history of the land. And, in time I learned how to listen to the land tell me its stories itself. About the Mists of Dawn, until the present I learned.

I traveled the vast expanses of Kalimdor in my youth as I came of age. From one Tribe to another, I went and listened. We tauren have traded with and lived alongside Furbolg and Night Elf for as long as we have been. I talked with them. I learned their ideas. I traded beads and fine bone and feathers that the Earth Mother gave me through my hunts and travels. For feathers, I learned history. For bone, I learned strength and honor. And so when I came of age, my second name was Lorekeeper. This, was good. I listened to the Spirits, and became a Spirit Walker, though, Shaman is what we say in these times.

More times did Mu'sha chase An'she. Day and night did pass and seasons changed. I grew older. And, in time I gained a new title. I became an Elder. It is Our Way that the Elder Council talks and we help govern the Tribes. It was a good honor, and my tears fell in joy at it. But then, the Centaur devils came like a foul wind blowing across the plains. They ran fast and covered our lands. We tauren and the kodo are One. The centaur killed kodo and left them to rot. The Old Ways show that balance of nature is what forever makes life go on. Centaur do not have the Old Ways. They have no hearts or love for life. Soon, our tribes began to starve and centaur would come and kill. The females and even our calves were slaughtered. It was not a happy time.

Then, one day as An'she shone his warmth down upon my gray fur, the wind changed. The green-skins came. The Spirits were with them, and it was good. They came just ahead of the Devils Of The Plains. Soon centaur fell upon our village and battle was joined. We Tauren are peaceful. War is not good, it is not balance. We are warriors and hunters, but that does not mean we make War and murder. Many young braves died that day. Many green-skins and even trolls died. They went to the Ancestors, and are happy. We lived on, and are happy. Cairne held a pow-wow and we Elder Council talked. It was decided that for the first time in our history Our Ways must change. We would settle in Mulgore as a nation. Forever we would guard against the centaur. Thrall and the Horde helped us find our way- and we help them find theirs.

Thrall walks with the White Kodo. In the time when the kodo left the land, and the birds had only one egg in their nests, Chief Osak looked at his people, and saw how thin they were. He knew he must feed his people somehow or they would not live past the white season and into spring. Chief Osak walked through the forest and meditated. Long he thought, but no wisdom came. He went to walk back to his Tribe, and in the forest he saw a White Kodo. The White Kodo looked at Chief Osak, and then it walked. He followed the White Kodo, and in time it took him to a clearing. In this clearing was a lake of clean fresh water that brimmed with many large fish. More water than any Tribe could drink, and more fish than any Tribe could eat. We Elders see Thrall. He walks with the White Kodo. He took us to Mulgore, to our lake and fish.

I was a Spirit Walker, but we fought the demons on the Sacred Mountain. On Hyjal we stood beside our Spirit Brothers, and we stopped the rape of the land. We stopped Those Who Kill Life. And, it was after this battle that my life took another change. Change is the only constant companion in life. Malfurion Stormrage, no stranger to the tauren, talked to us. Hamuul Runetotem learned of druidism, something that we tauren had first learned before the Kaledoeri had awakened. We had lost the lore, but now we had found it. Our religion and way of life is bound to druidism. Though I mean no offense, but few Night Elves can claim to be as tranquil and knowing of nature as a tauren. Our Way is balance, and we hear the Spirits. The Earth Mother loves us, and we love her- forever.

Hamuul and several of us Spirit Walkers and Shaman, began to learn these ways which were so easy, natural. Though the Elements are our friends, and still I speak with the Ancestors, I now am one with the Earth Mother. I no longer need to call upon Spirits and ask them to lend me their aid. I can be One with Nature. I can be the primal force that the Elements rely on. I am druid. I am old, and know the Old Ways. I am a master at herbalism and skinning. What the Earth Mother provides, I accept. What I give her in return, she accepts.

Many are the times I have heard of the Ironsong Tribe. Kretol the Farseer I have watched. Vor'tok the Young, I have seen. A fine hunter is Sreng the troll. I have been busy with my duties to the Earthen Ring and the Cenarion Circle. As such, I have not had many adventures with the Ironsong Tribe. They are friend to the Horde, to tauren, and so to me.

I walked in the forests of Stonetalon. Many were the paths I traveled and the rocks, grass and dirt were kind to my hooves. The trees were friendly and lifted their arms to the Sky. One day I made my way to the home of a Spirit Brother. Braug Dimspirit lives as a hermit in that enchanting land. But I saw devastation as I came closer to his home. All people need lumber. Trees grow so that we may havest them. But it is in balance that it is to be done. The trees were hastily murdered. Even the saplings were destroyed. The rage of the Great Bear Spirit filled me. The greatest trial I over came was to avoid misusing my power to leave nothing but bloodied stumps where once Venture Company stood. To this day, I feel a great loss and hear the Spirits wail for the land. And yet I cannot simply murder. I cannot abuse the Earth Mother's blessings.

I seek to learn, and to use what knowledge there is in the world, to help. Seeking to learn to help, is a good purpose. It is The Path I walk.

((I made Lorekeeper less than a month ago. Most of you know me as Old Zul, and after talking to Kretol, I figured for the first time ever I'd join an actual guild. Right now Lorekeeper is in the uild I made for him called Bloodhoof Elder, since I wanted him to have a title like NPC's do. I dunno why we can't do it ourselves. Anyways, I read the code of conduct and of course I agree with all of this. If I was ever going to join a big guild, I pretty much always knew it'd be Ironsong!))
((My apologies for any time I wasted of anyone's that read my application. I play WoW for role playing and not politics, and it appears that the Ironsong Tribe is not for me afterall. Best wishes to you!))
((Yes, Sreng, somone who has been on my friend's list since, a bit after WoW came out... posted on the public Silver Hand forum and said no way would Old Zul or any of my alts ever be allowed to sully the name of his guild. Silly me... I wanted to role play with other role players in a guild. My bad.

My suggesiton would be they put a list for those of us that are not good enough for them on the site. It would save us the time of applying.))
This is correct.

After some discussion in the officer forums, we decided it would be best for the Tribe if Zul were to not join us. If anyone has any specific questions, please feel free to direct them to me or another officer via PM or in-game mail.

-Thread Locked

[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
Zul decided to drag our name into one of his threads on the silver hand forums. This actually had nothing to do with our denial of this app, but it forced Sreng to make a public statement due largely to people's horror that Zul would join us. Zul reaps what he sows, and this is due to many past incidents that he should have remembered.

I am locking this topic at this time.
Kosath Whitehorn
"The Tribe is my weapon.  I am their shield."

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