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The Sun's Bitter Tears (The chronicles of Saevel Amalith)
((OOC: I was inspired by the stories in these threads, so I decided to do one myself. Please feel free to let me know what you think. I can take it. =) ))

I have taken to writing in this journal, that I have named The Sun’s Bitter Tears, so that I may have an accurate account of my quest to avenge the death of my sister Zaiel. However, I know that someone will, one day, read this, and when that happens, I would like them to have a clear idea of who I am, and why it is that I did what I did.

Entry 1 - Prologue

Here I sit, in my kitchen, in front this book asking myself “Where do I start?” Well...I suppose I should give a brief background on myself first. That is how this sort of thing is done, right? It is good enough for me, so here goes...

My name is Saevel Amalith. I am a Warlock of the Sin’dorei, a member of the Amalith family, and I am roughly five years past the age of maturity (at the time of this writing) for my people.

The Amalith family is one based upon tradition, and a fierce loyalty to one another. Like many of the Sin'dorei, magical ability runs in my family. The men tend to be Mages, although there has been a Warlock or two in my family's history; and the women have been priests up until recently where some have decided to follow the path of the Blood Knight. Usually, we tend to follow in our parents' footsteps unless one shows an unusually strong aptitude for a different road. I would tell you of my family's struggle in recent days, before joining the Horde, but most already know of what my people have suffered, and my family is no different in that regard. Even though there are few of us left, we persevere and try to make life better for those of us that remain. I share in my family's belief, and will go to the ends of Azeroth to ensure the safety of those I hold dear.

The decision to become a Warlock was made for me at an early age since they began talking to me when I was just past the age of 10. Upon seeing my newly developed ability, my parents immediately apprenticed me to the only Warlock in my family...my Uncle Trellen. Uncle Trellan was not the nicest of people, but he knew his craft well, and instructed me thoroughly in it. No lesson was considered unimportant, and he made sure I learned even the tiniest of details about what he called “the accord”, or as most would call it, Warlock sorcerery. I was never quite sure if my Uncle’s affinity for the accord was the same as mine, but there were a lot of similarities. For some reason, we seemed to take a different approach to the accord in that the demons we consorted with did not attempt to take over our souls, and they were not subjugated to our will in any way. It is pretty much an agreement...now that I think of it; it does make a lot of sense why my Uncle called it the accord. Anyway, the accord pretty much works as I give them some of my life energy, to make sure that they can continue to exist on this plane, and they fight along side me whenever I need them. I know that is greatly over simplifying it, but it is close enough for the purpose of this journal.

Now I suppose I should get to the reason I am on this quest for revenge in the first place...the death of my older sister Zaiel. She was a Blood Knight was one of the most forceful, and domineering people I have ever met in my life. She was top of her graduating class, and many Sin’dorei men vied for her attentions. She led most of them on, and got in their faces if they tried to pick on me. It is kind of funny, because, growing up, she always teased me, and when I asked her about it she told me “Only I am allowed to pick on you, and if anyone has a problem with that then they can take it up with my fist!”, and she would brandish it at me threateningly. Eventhough she was always rather mean to me throughout our youth, she made sure that I learned many of life’s hard lessons, and always had my back when I needed her, so for that I loved her dearly.

Zaiel’s death came as a crushing blow to my family. My mother cried for days, and I watched my father bear the brunt of her sorrow, and his own, with the resolve of the mountain stone. It espically hurt me, because I was there to see her die, and here is that story: Recently, there were reports of Darnassian scouts being seen around the West Sanctum located outside Silvermon City. Being a Blood Knight, she was immediately dispatched there to investigate, and being rather aggressive in nature; she went eagerly. Later that evening, my family had received word that she had not reported in, so I took it upon myself to go look for her.

When I got to the West Sanctum, I had found an area that showed signs of a struggle, and a scrap of cloth that was the remnants of an armband I had made for her when I was five...I did not know she had kept it. The battle had been recent, so I immediately set to searching for her, and found some marks in the ground that resembled a body being dragged away. I followed the trail, and saw a foot sticking out of the bushes ahead of me. I moved up to find Zaiel lying there dying, and I do not think I would have been able to find her if we did not share the same blood. She was trying to tell me something, so I helped her up to hear her better, and that was when I found out that the fight was more recent than I had thought, because a gout of flame erupted from behind me.

I spun around to see my Imp attacking someone that was trying to catch me with my guard down, and it would have worked if it had not been for Garkin (my Imp), and his constant vigilance. It was one of the Darnassian scouts I had heard about, and he was not happy that he had been spotted. The Scout yelled out in pain as my Imp's fire burned him, and realizing he was outnumbered; the coward turned and ran into the woods fading away as he did, but not before I saw his face. I wanted to give chase, but Zaiel lay dying, and I was not about to leave her.

I tried everything I could to save my sister, but my first aide skills did not seem to help; so there was little I was able to accomplish. That Darnassian was an expert at what he did, and no amount of first aide was able to stop her from passing on. Right before she died, she looked at me with that same defiant expression that she generally wore; and said only two words to me “Get them”, and as I swore that I would, she passed away.

Zaiel did not cry as she passed. She just closed her eyes, and died the way she lived; with defiance in her eyes, dignity in her bearing, and not regretting a thing. She was a credit to Sin’dorei women everywhere, and I miss her.

The Night Elves will pay for the damage they did to my family, and I will be the one to collect every bit due. I will do this for my parents, my people, and myself, but most importantly, my sister. So my quest begins...

Selama ashal'anore!
I have decided to take a break from my work to pen another entry, and the Inn of Tranquillion seems to be the best, and safest, place for such an endeavor. There have been few places at all, for this sort of thing, as of late...

Entry 2 – Into the Ghostlands

It is quiet right now, and a heavy gloom hangs over everything, but it always is that way out here in the Ghostlands. It seems to permeate all, get into your bones, and steal the very warmth from your body. The candle next to me struggles valiantly against it, but even it will eventually succumb; snuffed out by the same foulness that took everything else here. It is saddening to know that this place was once touched by the light of the sun, and now only darkness dwells here. I know that, one day, this place will be restored to its former glory, but I do not see that being any time soon.

I write this as my traveling companions are out taking care of some personal errands of theirs, and they are a story unto themselves. For instance, you would think that I would be traveling with my fellow Sin’dorei, or maybe some of the Forsaken, but I somehow fell into a group with a couple of Tauren. One is named Jhoe, he is a Shaman, who is generally very good natured, seems very interested in his craft, and is the size of a small house. The other is Hayaci, she is a Druid that, like most of her order, is very in touch with nature, loves animals, but she also seems to like charging into combat first. When I asked her about it, she said something about being in touch with the feral aspect of nature. However, since I had no idea what she was referring to, I just smiled and nodded. Oh...a word of caution. I would not make jokes about steak within earshot of them, or any Tauren. They seem unable to find the humor in such statements...I wonder why. Of course I speak facetiously, however I would say that move was rather unwise, on my part. I angered my sister quite a few times, because I did not watch what I said. I have gotten better at holding my tongue...somewhat.

Anyway, I met them both as I headed into this area in search of the one that killed my sister. My search had turned up little, about my sister’s killer, except that he had gone south. As luck would have it, I had heard that there were some Night Elves seen along the Ghostlands/Eversong Woods border, and I immediately volunteered to go investigate the matter. As I got there, I saw a Darnassian scout skulking in the woods like the dishonorable dog that he was, so I took it upon myself to send him to the afterlife, so he can be with his precious Elune quickly as possible. It was here that my dedication to my sister overrode my better judgment, because the second I sent my Voidwalker to attack him, his partner came out of the brush to ambush me. Jhoe was the one who came to my aid, and attacked the other Night Elf, giving me the needed time to recover. Afterwards, we exchanged pleasantries, and upon further conversation, we discovered that both of us had a mutual interest in the Ghostlands. Although I did not mention my sister to him, I did share his view about wanting to rid the Ghostlands of its taint, so we decided to work together towards that end. Additionally, he mentioned that he knew a Druid, by the name of Hayaci, that may be willing to travel with us, and the rest is history.

It is just the three of us for now. We have been doing quite a bit of work along the Deadscar, however the more work we do, the more we seem to have to go deeper into the Ghostlands, and the worse things seem to get. I have a bad feeling about this, but that may be my own paranoia. However, I will not let any bad feelings get in the way of finding my sister’s killer...he will feel my family’s pain.
It has been some time since my last entry, and much has happened since then. It seems that when I am busy, I tend to forget about the finer details of my quest...I must remedy that. Looking back on the last couple of months, I can see much that we have done, although very little of it has helped me in my quest to find my sister’s killer.

Entry 3 - Fire and the Sun

Just before we were going to head into Deatholme, it was mentioned that some help was needed in Ogrimmar, in a section of it called Ragefire Chasm. I did not want to go at first, because I felt that my quest was far more important, but eventually I relented, and off we went. It was a harrowing experience. I had no idea that such dangers exited within the heart of the Orc capitol city. In addition to all of the demons, and other Fel tainted beings, that littered the area, the place was unbearably hot due to all of the lava that was present; consequently it was murder on my Elven skin. My people definitely need to show these Orcs the value of magically assisted living. Once our tasks there were finished, we were brought before the Warchief Thrall himself, and bestowed honors for our efforts. I received a very fine item, which I still have as a keepsake, that he called the Staff of Ogrimmar. We dinned with him that evening, and then went back to the Ghostlands to resume our duties there.

I finished my work in the Ghostlands, which culminated in a vicious battle in Deatholme, which I would tell, but I already lived through it once, so I have no need to relive it again by writing it here. I will say that it is an experience that I will not forget. Arthas Menethil will pay for what he did to my people, and our land.

I parted ways with my Tauren friends a few days later. The Night Elves, of that region, “volunteered” information that will send me to Ashenvale, however it is not much of a lead, but I will just have to hope it yields better results then my previous endeavors. We shall see...
((Please feel free to comment, express interest or ideas...whatever happens to cross your mind. Smile ))

Entry 4 - The Road to Fel

Well...here I am again. Even more time has passed since my last entry into this journal. I had hoped to have some sort of success, but my search has yielded little in the way of actual results. I have felt rather different ever since that one Sin'dorei (see the Gathering of Souls RP event) approached the Tribe some time back. I am not sure what happened, and I thought the feeling would have left me by now, but it seems to remain. I have some idea what it may be, and it has aided me thus far, but I am not sure what it will do in the days to come. I need every advantage I can get. I wonder how this will affect the accord I have with my demon companions...only time will tell.

I have met some new allies along the way (Comfort and Laurynthas), and have had the misfortune of saying goodbye to a few of them as well (Shenawyn, Prisom and Zahndrin). I have been adventuring with Comfort for a little while now, and it had proved to be an “interesting” experience to say the least. Laurynthas joined us, for a little while, and that helped to make things a little simpler for all. It just goes to show you that you never know who you will be traveling with. Such is the way of life I suppose...

During my investigations, I did manage to learn some information about my sister's killer. It seems that the Archdruid of the Keldorei had concocted a plan to further stem the already low numbers of my people. I had no idea how deep his hated of the Sin'dorei went, and the Alliance is content to let him partake in such deplorable butchery?...we are better off for having joined the Horde.

It seems that I have gotten off topic, so back to my point. The Archdruid sent assassins into the Eversong Woods region in order to have them weaken the ranks of one of our finest orders, that of the Blood Knights. My people have been whittled down to the point of extinction, so that heartless bastard wants kill off what few of us there are left, and see the end of the Sin'dorei?! The only end he will see is his own, and that of his people! I will find a way to visit the pain and grief that so many of my kind have experienced in recent years. There must be something (anything!) that will allow me to do this. It seems that my mission is just beginning...
((This thread is to lead to an in game RP story idea. One that will involve a couple of long reaching plots. Anyone wishing to get more information on this can either PM me, or send me an in game mail, and we can go over it. =) ))

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