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The Story of Senthris
My story?..ok I was a High elf then I died, the end....What do you mean that isn't good enough? Bah, fine, bloody gits I'll tell you more then. As I said I was a High elf, born to "loving" parents..or so it would appear. In actuality my father was a cold and distant fool who thought of nothing but his"cause" and my mother would bed anyone who came across her path due to the fact my father hadn't touched her in years..or so she told everyone. I was sent to basic training at a young age because my father the great officer of the Elvish army though his son should follow his footsteps. Truth be told I didn't care about the elves or what happend to them..I saw what happend to those that did. I spent most of my time reading..and perfecting my skills with poisons and a blade..I figured if the elvish army wanted me to be a killer..Id be an efficent one. I fought in a few battles..sneaking around, taking orcs down with a dagger between the ribs into the heart and what have you..I racked up a nice little kill count..what can i say I have a knack, also the armor and weapons I stole off them and sold back fetched me a nice little profit. I even began stealing from some of the officers as they slept..selling their trinkets and the like..I had a good thing going really, plenty of things to test my skill against..and enough coin to last me a good long while.....then the plague came...I was aflicted with it and I died..I have no meomry after that except that I was a mindless corpse walking around doing the lich kings bidding..and having my skills all but wasted..eventually Sylvanas freed us..I thank her for that, and the fact that she has afforded me a nice place among the Deathstalkers..Varimathrases' little project of rogues. I fit in very nicely here and my skills are no longer wasted..killing humans,night elves, gnomes and dwarves brings me a lot of pleasure..they also have good coin on them. The Ironsong tribe is another good place for me..with such diverse people to work with it and display my talents I have a home. I must admit though Im dead, Im happier then I ever was alive..I also hear tell my brother lives..as a Blood Elf paladin..perhaps I shall look him up one day as he may like to join the Ironsong tribe..after all..paladins usually care some expensive equipment dont they? :twisted:

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