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The Story of MUDHEAD

The Story of Mudhead

I open my eyes and the first thing I see is a worm staring back at me. I am surrounded by dirt! How very strange! I hear someone calling me and so I try to stand but it is not easy and I appear to be covered in dirt and mud. I push and I struggle...clawing my way up and up out of the dirt until I finally see a sky above me. It is a beautiful day.

Memories come flooding back to me...

I was born Earl Greyheart the 5th and I came from a fine family in the Eastern Kingdoms. I remember my time as a scholar, traveling from town to town advising bits of wisdom and teaching others whenever I could. I spent my whole life in the persuits of knowledge and I have read so much of the history of this world that I am somewhat of a historian as well.

At least I was...for I now remember how I was traveling in this caravan towards the city Lordaeron when we were overtaken by bandits! They demanded our money and items and I gave them all I had..and yet that was not enough. I watched as their leader lowered his crowwbow at me. I felt the thud and sting as the arrow impaled my chest. I remember everything going darker...darker..and then...well I believe I had died. I'm sure now that is why I was buried.

But now there is a warrior standing before me. He has glowing blue eyes and he nods at me as I stand.

I look down at my arm..it is covered in dead flesh and...what is this...mud? I try to ask him what has happened and I try desperately to speak...but only a gutteral sound comes from my throat...

"Mu...Muddd!" I point at myself...oh why am I covered in dirt? Am I truly dead?

"Mud it shall be then!" the dark warrior says. "You shall be called MUDHEAD and you now serve me...the great Deathknight Kuskuh!

Mudhead? Can he truly be serious? My name is Earl...Earl! I try to speak but only my grumblings come out. I am a scholar! I am no fool! I have intellect! I have...


"Oh?" The Death Knight states. "Yes...you must be hungry my friend for you have been dead a long time. We shall feed you soon enough...for battle calls!"

Feed? Battle? I have no such desires...and yet I feel compelled to follow this moron wherever he leads. Oh I see now he has a horse...well I should be very glad to ride for I'm sure the journey is...oh wait...oh dear...well it seems the horse is only meant for him and I must run!

If I could I would love to tell this fool exactly what I think of him for making me run like some common servant. I expect to grow exhausted however I am quite pleased to discover that I do not grow tired. Perhaps being dead does hold some advantages.

Ah well..perhaps once we stop to rest I can question this knight about the worlds state of affairs. I'm sure there is so much to learn if I have truly been dead as long as he states. I think perhaps I shall ask him when we stop.

The knight stops just outside of a large camp full of humans. They look friendly enough all dressed in bright red. I think this this may be a good time to converse and so I will ask my friend who these fellows are and why they are wearing the color of...

"Blood!" I gurgle. "Red!"

"Ah yes...their blood will soon run my friend. Prepare yourself for we will now ATTACK!"

I watch as he draws a great sword and rushes into their ranks! I would much prefer to wait here but instead I once more feel compelled to help him, and so I charge!

WOW...what an amazing thing. I have leaped the full distance to his foes! They draw swords and stab at him but his armor seems to repel them easily. I look down as a red soldier thrusts his sword right through my belly...oh dear it seems I was not given any armor!

The sword does not hurt...not much in any case. From some wild instinct I swing my hand at this wretch and my claws cut deep! He falls easily and so I turn and swipe at another. One after another my opponents fall. Eureka! I am more powerful than I ever imagined! I now have brawn as well as...

"...Brains!" I declare almost overwhelmed with joy.

But then I see him. Another man in red but he is much bigger than the others. He draws a blade and charges towards the Dark Knight from behind. I do not care much for the dark one but he did somehow give me life again. I suppose I should try to do something. Perhaps then after this battle we may converse on things historical and scholarly. I should very much enjoy teaching again and perhaps he will drop me off at a nearby town if I only help!

And so I charge! I place myself between the Death Knight and the charging warrior. I strike and strike...but no...his armor is too strong. He looks down at me with cold eyes and his sword flashes. My body collapses to the ground and I cannot move.

I watch as the Death Knight turns and faces the man in red. There is a fierce but brief battle and finally at last...the man in red is defeated. With a final thrust of his great sword the Dark warrior has finally won. I am glad we won although I am not even really very sure why we were fighting to begin with.

The dark man kneels and takes something from the man in red. Then he walks over to me.

"You were a faithful yet brief servant Mudhead. Do Rest In Peace now."

He then turns and trots away.

Oh well...thats all? Thanks for nothing then! I wish to ask him not to leave me laying here but I cannot speak. My body feels twisted and broken. Well this is all the thanks I get for saving that wretch! I could have taught him so many secrets about the world, its peoples, its long histories. But instead here I am...food for the worms again. I would sigh if only I could.

It is beginning to grow dark. Night will come. I wonder how long I will lay here? I am sure that tomorrow my poor carcass will just lie here in the hot sun waiting for vultures. Well there is still tonight. At least now I shall have some time to ponder the wonders of the world...the meaning of life and death...and to consider the true nature of the multiverse.

Oh wait...I do believe I hear another call! I feel some sort of magic invigorate me! I stand once more and this time I behold a female warrior. She is dressed the same way as the last one. Gee these Death Knights must be all over the place! How fortuitous!

She nods at me and suddenly we are off to fight another battle. Perhaps when this one is over I can finally get something to eat. Now that I think about it...

"Brains!" do sound rather tasty.


DISCLAIMER: This is a work of Fiction. Any similarity to actual Death Knights or events is purely concidental or affectionate parody.
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((Poor Mudhead. Great story though! xD))
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