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The Shattering
No spoilers in this post.

I finished reading this yesterday and I'm a little embarrassed to admit the emotional impact this story had. It was a quick read and didn't get too full of itself. I'll have to check out her other books now.

I wonder how much of this story will get "told" in the game either as events or as background when Cataclysm hits.


Slight mini-insignificant-maybe-spoiler
Garrosh isn't QUITE so repugnant to me now. He's still a c*#k but I don't think he's as evil as I did.
I had forgotten about this book, and just ordered it last night! Hopefully it'll be arriving by Saturday.

I've read all of Christie Golden's other books (well, save for the Arthas one, because I prefer the books centering on the orcs/Horde), and I must admit that I loved them all. I think you'll really enjoy them as well!

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Golden does a good job of incorporating the WoW universe in her stories. Knaak on the other hand needs to stop writing about how perfect every hero in the story is/should be, and for god's sake stop talking about Rhonin's hair!!
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Melikar Wrote:and for god's sake stop talking about Rhonin's hair!!

I think I just snorted cola into my nose when I read that. I like Knaak's work well enough, but yeah, that's pretty spot-on >_>

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