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The Seige of the Citadel (Valorhoof's Sorty)
The sounds of battle echoed loudly in his ears, a stark contrast to the serenity of the winds he had grown accustomed to in his time in the air. It had been a short journey from the Tournament grounds in northern Icecrown, to the battlefield just outside the Lich King's strong hold, but nonetheless, the peace above the clouds, almost made him forget about his duties; Almost.

He shifted in the saddle, grasping his sword with one hand; his shield in the other. He nudged Sho'wa, his crimson skinned Proto-drake, into a downward angle. Locking his sights on the nearest ghoul, rider and behemoth charged as fast as gravity would permit. As the ghoul grew larger in his vision, he suddenly thought back to the conversation he had with his closest compatriot in Dalaran, hours before.


"So...Tirion is finally sending you to your death, is he?" The figure in the doorway practically spat, "I'm surprised it took so long."

He sat up from fastening his legplates on his body. Smirking slightly, Valorhoof stood and turned to face his friend. The Tauren towered over the blood elf, but he knew better. Despite the small stature, the Blood Knight housed a fighting prowess that impressed even the Tauren. He took a deep breath, and exhaled loudly.

"This is not Tirion's bidding. I go on behalf of my Tribesman. I fight to protect their champions, and I will give my life if need be, if it means the Lich King's end."

"Oh, that makes it much better then," retorted the Blood Knight, throwing his hands in the air and stepping into the room. "Lets go on a suicide mission for people who hardly know you all because they asked. Here, let me pack some food and drink for the picnic on top of the Frozen Throne! Ambassador, sometimes you need to learn to say 'no'"

Valorhoof chuckled aloud, and reached for his weapons. "Dawnshield, my friend, perhaps that is the difference between you and I." He moved past the Blood Knight, towards the door. "Even if I rush headlong into my death, I go without fear. I have lived my life free of compromise, and am not ashamed. The light is within me, and with it, we can defeat this evil."

He turned to face his friend. "Tirion taught me that, you would do well to listen to him. He is truly a good man."

The Blood Knight snorted, "I put my faith in one man before. My people did. And look what he did to us, I won't be falling for that again." Danwshield said as he walked to catch up with the Tauren. The two moved side by side through the streets of Dalaran, headed for Krasus' Landing. "But, you are free to do as you wish, even if that means that this is the end of our story."

"No, my friend," Valorhoof spoke, suddenly stopping and looking down at the Blood Knight. "This is not the end. This is the beginning. Whatever happens today, the Lich King will fall, and I will see you again. Either in this life...or the next." He placed one meaty hand on Dawnshield's shoulder.

The Blood Elf looked up to meet his friends gaze. "Go then, Ambassador. Show the armies of the scourge the might of the Horde. Show them there are those ready to bring the fight to the doorstep. Fight with honor." He reached up and smacked the side of Valorhoof's broad arm. "We will meet again."


His thoughts shifted back to the stunned ghoul staring back at him and his drake. He focused, and lept from the saddle, his blade cleanly slicing the undead minion in half. He rolled into the ground to soften the blow, and got to his feet. Raising his shield in front of him, he roared and charged the nearest pack of ghouls.

Blood and sweat littered the snowy ground as ghoul after ghoul met his blade. Looking across the sea of undead, he could make out other members of the Horde loosing attacks of their own upon the Lich King's army. His Tribesman. As he slowly made his way towards them, the ghouls attacks came more and more frequently. More than once, did he contend with a mounted Death Knight. And more than once did he fell it. He was still a force to be reckoned with, but a force being slowly drained of energy. He couldn't keep this up for much longer, there were far too many of them.

More ghouls jumped from the walls of the citadel and with slightly renewed vigor he roared and charged once more. For every one that fell two more took it's place. He was determined not to go down like this. He swung wildly but, precisely. Suddenly, he heard a thud and roar behind him. A shadow engulfed him. This was it, this was his death. One of the Frostwryms had landed behind, him ready to tear him limb from limb. He would not go down without a fight.

He spun to face his assailant, just as rays of brilliant light shot forth, disintegrating the undead behind him. Stunned, he watched as more rays enveloped him. Within seconds, he felt renewed. As if he had just woken up from sleep. He looked up. The Blood Knight smirked.

"WE SHALL MEET AGAIN!" Dawnshield shouted down from his drake. "NOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING? GET UP! YOU'VE GOT KILLING TO DO!"

Valorhoof laughed loudly at the sudden appearance of his friend. His hope brought back, he turned to see a path cleared to his Tribesman at the foot of the Citadel. He glanced back at Dawnshield.

The Blood Knight nodded, "Go warrior, impress them! Maybe then they'll upgrade you from suicide mission status." And with that, the Blood Knight took to the skies once again.

Valorhoof turned his gaze back to his Tribesman, and rushed forward to meet them.

"Yes" he thought, "today is the day, the Lich King dies."


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