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The Right Enchantment
As some of you know I chanced across an epic staff, the Staff of Jordan to be pricise

(40.7 DPS), (>or=18 extra magic damage)

My dilemma is what enchantment is right for it.

Here is a brief bio of my meelee philosophy in combat
I generally solo, I use meelee if the enemy is almost dead and I dont want ot have ot use more of my mana, also on the rare monster I can handle in meelee combat.

THis is where I ask for assistence, If you have a suggestion please submit it on this forum and tell me what it does as well as what it requires (if you know), thank you for your help!

PS: when I do decide I'll post my decision, also if one of our enchanters needs reagents for the project that I decide on don't hesitate to ask.
Well I don't know much about enchantments. But, if you usually only use melee when low on mana. Why not get an enchantment to raise your mana? Yeah, like I said, no clue when it comes to enchantments but I'm tryin' here.

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