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The Return of the Barrister
*A portal inside the newly appointed barrister's office suddenly appeared* "What in Azeroth is this?!?!" The newly appointed barrister yelled. He had only taken the place of the missing Senthris Darkstrider a month ago, everything had been going well, everything was calm..and now a portal is in his office? Well, thats just not acceptable at all is it? How would you feel if a portal randomly opend up on you?

In any event, the young barrister stood up from his desk, stuck out his chest and demanded from the portal," Now just what in the nether is all th-.." Before he could finish his sentence a huge fire ball from the portal struck him in the chest and knocked him through the window in the back of the office. A Blood Elf Mage wearing scarlet colored robes stepped through the portal with a smirk. The young barristers secretary burst into the room and said," What is all this racket?"

The Mage looked back at her and smiled. The young woman looked at the Mage with astonishment. "...Lord Darkstrider...your back?" Senthris said to her," Yes, I am, inform the magistrates that I had to take an extended leave of absence for mage related training, if they have a problem with that tell them to take it up with Lady Blazecaller. As for my "replacement" well things got a bit too hot for him and he fell out of the window. Send his family some flowers on my behalf. Also bring in the documents for my next cases right away please." She replied,"Right away milord." She hurried off to do as she was asked. Senthris then stepped behind his old tesk and sat in his chair..which immediately broke. Senthris said with a sigh," Its good to be back."
I missed you Ironsong and it is good to be back :bagel:
*Lady Shandris Blazecaller sat reading the mundane reports that had been building up over the past week.....the Shattered Sun Offensive has really gotten the city in a uproar merchants had been stuggleing to keep wares in stock and were asking for more caravans, murder row's inhabitants had gotten out of control and the city guards were complaining about the increased hours.....she then came across a report from the barristers office that the previous barrister Senthris Darkstrider had returned.* Heh.....so he's back now. *she smiled and then was inturrupted by knocking at her door* Come in......guess I'll have to visit him later.

((Welcome back I missed ya ^.^))

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