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The Return of Juga'jin ((with OOC accompaniment!))
The thin cloth separating the scalding light of midday Durotar rays from the dim glow of the interior of Orgrimmar's Hall of Legends is cast aside suddenly by the swipe of a three-fingered hand -- a hand marked by scratches and scars and quivering with the tell-tale motions of a haggard owner. The dull green of an exhausted Juga'jin quietly steps inside. His countenance implacable, he attacks the nearby wall with a sudden nailing of a worn notice. A stark silence follows him as the thin cloth once gain parts, this time returning the interior of the Hall to its former gloom. The parchment he has left is printed with the following words:

"My fellow Tribesmates,

Many of you may recall me, the Scholar of Ula-Tek, Juga'jin. Conversely, many of you may not. Regardless, I wish to explain the cause of my entirely unintentional exodus from the Tribe for what has now been such an extended period of time.

I confess -- I made my way back into the dark wilds of Zul'Aman. Far from the Thalassian borders I crept, intent upon resuming my existence amongst the fallen ruins of the shrines along the banks of crystal Lake Abassi. It was not to be. The Amani have changed, and too late did I realize this -- my thoughts were clouded by my grief and my desire to return to my home. They have become something utterly alien to me, and under the leadership of the once-heroic Zul'jin and his Hexxlord Malacrass, they imprisoned me. For months I languished int he dank cells beneath the Shrine of Ula-tek, but after months I drew my hands from those wretched manacles. I seek not to speak of what I went through to escape from the bowels of the temple I once called my own. What matters now is this: I have seen the darkness at the heart of every troll, and it is a darkness that I hope to never see again.

Indeed, I have returned. But if I am to speak the utter truth, then I must likewise say that just as verily, I have changed."

OOC: ((Such a pleasure to make my return to the internet! Hope all's been well in the Tribe in these past few months -- alas, I've not been able to access old Juggy for quite some time. Hopefully it won't happen again!))
Is good ting ya make it outta dere in one piece. Sorry to hear de Amani no longer reco'nize ya as kin. Dey been traitors to de Horde for years now, an' in refusin' to make peace wit' Quel'Thalas, dey threw away de las' chance we was willin' to give 'em.

Welcome back.
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