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The Raid of Auberdine.
Hail Bretheren!

I bring news of the raid on Auberdine, the chaos caused there was nothing less than spectacular! We grouped up in Splintertree Post (with around 100 or so horde members) and then the lot of us flew to Zoram Stand (those who could). While waiting there out in the open, the leader of the raid had a most excellent idea and ordered the large army into the waters and had mages cast a breath spells cast on everyone (imagine my surprise at being able to breath underwater!). The Army swam out a long ways from the shore and being underwater we were virtually undetectable!! The order was finally given after what seemed like an eternity to make the long and arduous swim up the coast north, to well our destination Auberdine.

We all swam to an island directly west of our target and waited for the army to regroup, unfortunatly while we were waiting a cursed dark elf appeared over the tiny hill covering us from the view of Auberdine. Praise be to The Mighty Thrall that just about everyone was there otherwise if we had waited too much longer our endevour would have probably been in vain. The order was given at that point to charge to Auberdine at full speed and destroy every single Dark Elf were they stood. Well as you will see with the pictures I have here our victory put a large dent in the Alliances Spirit!

I must say it was a great job done. I whish I could have participate in the main raid
The Truly Bovine Expert
Hah, it does my heart good to see me in that pic.
Solving the worlds fresh water crisis, one frost-bolt at a time.
My mate Azoz of Moon Ascendant was part of that raid! He had so much fun, except for the corpse-campers at the end. But it still turned out well!
Hey look at the pics!! its me a long time ago before I joined the tribe...what are the chances.

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